How to Recognize Great Ads (that Are Generating Leads!)

Written by Daryl Logullo | Strategic Impact!

Sorry to tell you, but people really donít give a flying fling about you, your business or how great your product is. The want to know what benefit, advantage or personal improvement you offer that somebody else doesnít.

What do I mean? WellÖ how are you going to make peopleís lives easier? Are you going to make them richer? Prettier? Slimmer? How are you going to improve their lives?

I try to get my clients to understand this: advertising is salesmanship en masse. Plain and simple. Itís either salesmanship in print, salesmanship onrepparttar air, or salesmanship inrepparttar 105517 mail. But itís not blind statements that say nothing, or cause no one to take action. Is it any reason why most advertising is lousy and doesnít work?

Unfortunately, few business owners donít understandrepparttar 105518 point of running an ad. You run an ad to stimulate a direct and immediate response. Or better yet promote an instant sale. Until a company understandsrepparttar 105519 purpose of an ad and how to formulate them, I tell clients to hold off and stop throwing their money away. Let me summarize where to begin:

How To Profit From Affiliate Programs

Written by Keegan Michaels

The beauty ofrepparttar Internet is you can own your own business and earn good money without spending much time at it. You don't have to mindrepparttar 102659 store or keep office hours. You don't even have to be there to answerrepparttar 102660 phone.

I've known any number of successful Internet entrepreneurs who got started earning profits online while still working demanding full-time jobs. Kevin Needham of became a major name onrepparttar 102661 Web while still holding down his government job. The media often tellsrepparttar 102662 story of Jim Daniels who started his online publishing empire while working as a middle-manager for a tech firm.

Kevin Nunley was a DJ at an oldies station when his articles started appearing on AOL. Superstar Internet biz person and tech consultant Kate Schultz was a corporate manager when she began posting her own ads online.

The moral of these stories is don't let your busy life stand inrepparttar 102663 way of your desire to earn extra money or even a good living online. The Internet will bend, twist, and adapt for you more than any other kind of business.

But you have to go at itrepparttar 102664 right way or you will wind up spending way more time and money than you intended. Here is a simple plan to get you earning online while working at it just 10 to 20 minutes each day.

1. Choose your affiliate program wisely. You will want one main program you can promote intensively. It is much easier to make an impact with one good program you market heavily than spreading yourself too thin over a dozen or more programs.

Right now affiliates report their biggest earners are information products that tell affiliate program members and others how to earn better profits. Ken Envoy's "Make Your Site Sell" course, Corey Rudl's "Insider Secrets," and Jim Daniels' big "Make A Living Online" are real winners in this category.

You can also do well working with a company that represents many products and other affiliate programs. Checkrepparttar 102665 many affiliate products and services housed underrepparttar 102666 umbrella. features direct marketing services and ecommerce technology.

2. Market to friends and associates using a simple signature file in your email. This is dirt simple yet incredibly powerful. Email messages have a very personal quality that sells. Your email program will let you set this up.

Your sig file should start with a headline that tweaksrepparttar 102667 reader's interest. Then follow with your web site address and your autoresponder address (more on this later.) Here's what your "sig" might look like.

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