How to Read Job Ads

Written by Dagmar Rakos

How to Read Job Ads for Beginners and Newcomers:

Here isrepparttar translation what you can REALLY expect whenever you see one of these in a Classifieds Careers/Jobs section:

"exceptional positive attitude" -> translation: *Boss is an asshole and a dictator who blows off his top thirteen times a day!*

"willing to work long hours" -> translation: *Forget about your family, or any personal life at all!*

"stamina to work long hours" -> translation: *In other words you are expected to be a cross between a jackass, a camel and an ox!*

"you are a self-starter" -> translation: *We have no idea what we are doing, but we sincerely hope, you will!*

"can work independently" -> translation: *Don't expect any support from us!*

"provide assurance and consulting services to our clients" -> translation: *You are an extremely skillful liar!*

"exceptional organizational skills" -> translation: *We hope we finally get someone who can clean up that big mess we have here!*

"winning positive attitude" -> translation: *Never get bogged down no matter how stupidrepparttar 118232 management decisions are!*

"ability to work in fast-paced environment" -> translation: *Break? What breaků?*

Don't You Know Who I Am?

Written by Stephen Schochet

One dilemma thatrepparttar super famous face is balancingrepparttar 118231 needs of privacy and recognition. One time in New York an unnoticed Marilyn Monroe was walking down Madison Avenue accompanied by Eli Wallach. " My God, don't these people know who you are?" Wallach asked her. Marilyn, whose application of make-up took nearly as long Boris Karloff''s Frankenstein Monster, grinned at him. "I'm only recognized when I want to be. Watch this." She began to swing her hips and walk in a way that was familiar to movie goers and was eventually mobbed by adoring fans.

For some stars privacy is an overrated commodity. In 1919, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford went on their European honeymoon. The two international icons had divorced their previous spouses and were concerned about how they would be greeted. They needn't have worried. In London their limousine was surrounded by admiring women who pulled Mary out ofrepparttar 118232 car to shake her hand, still grateful after two year for her efforts selling war bonds. In Paris they couldn't get any sleep with crowds gathering below their hotel room to serenade them. In Amsterdam they attended a party and were mobbed by other guests who wanted to get close to them. The acrobatic Fairbanks placed his wife on her shoulder and escaped throughrepparttar 118233 window. Finally, they found privacy in Hamburg, because of World War I their movies were not shown there. For an hourrepparttar 118234 famous newlyweds walkedrepparttar 118235 streets unnoticed untilrepparttar 118236 bored Mary turned to her husband and said,"Doug I'm sick of this. Let's go back to one of those countries were they mob us."

Joan Crawford had similar sentiments. Once inrepparttar 118237 1930s she was staying in New York getting over her breakup with Clark Gable. Tired of moping around her hotel she told her entourage they should go out and get some fresh air. The sycophants who had trouble keeping up withrepparttar 118238 star's brisk pace, were startled when she took a detour. "Oh my God. She's going into Grand Central Station!" Someone shouted," Look it's Joan Crawford!" and she was mobbed, it took thirty minutes to escaperepparttar 118239 crowd and get back to their hotel suite. Her hair disheveled, her dress torn and her face scratched, Crawford leaned againstrepparttar 118240 door out of breath. "Oh. . .oh my. That was wonderful. Lets do it again!"

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