How to Raise House Plants from Seeds Easily

Written by Balaji B

The principal house plants which are easy to raise by sowing seeds are Aloe (succulent plant), Asparagus species, Begonia semper-florensundB. rex, cacti (many kinds), Clivia, Cyclamen, Eucalyptus, Fuchsia (varieties), Grevillea robusta, Opuntia, Passijiora, Phoenix (palm), Primula malacoides and P. obconica, Ricinus, Rochea (succulent plant), Saintpaulia (hybrids) and Solatium capsicastrum.

The most suitable compost

It is best to steriliserepparttar compost, and it should therefore be heated in a sterilising apparatus for 10 minutes at a temperature of 18o° F. After this partial sterilisation,repparttar 142965 compost must be spread out on a bench to cool before use.

Watering a seed pan by partial immersion

A simple method of sterilisingrepparttar 142966 compost is to water it with Cheshunt Compound steriliser. This chemical can be obtained from any seed store. It consists of a powder which, when dissolved in water, is sprinkled overrepparttar 142967 compost before or afterrepparttar 142968 seeds have been sown. It is perfectly safe to use, and does not injurerepparttar 142969 smallest seedlings. Seed boxes and pots can be sterilised by this method and thereby made pest free. A satisfactory seed compost may be obtained by sterilisingrepparttar 142970 loam only, and then addingrepparttar 142971 peat, sand and fertiliser.

Preparingrepparttar 142972 seed compost

The soil ingredients are sifted through a sieve having a |-mch mesh and thoroughly mixed. The pots or seed pans are given plenty of drainage crocks which are covered with rough siftings fromrepparttar 142973 compost, andrepparttar 142974 receptacles are then filled withrepparttar 142975 compost.

This is made moderately firm by pressing it withrepparttar 142976 fingers; it is then moistened by holdingrepparttar 142977 receptacle in a pail of water.The water must not come aboverepparttar 142978 rim ofrepparttar 142979 pot because it is necessary thatrepparttar 142980 moisture should rise up throughrepparttar 142981 compost. As soon asrepparttar 142982 surface ofrepparttar 142983 soil becomes damp,repparttar 142984 pot is set aside to drain for a few hours before seed sowing is commenced.

The depth to whichrepparttar 142985 seeds are covered depends on their size. Very fine seeds, such as those of Begonia, require only a fine sprinkling of silver sand, whereas larger seeds should be covered torepparttar 142986 depth of their greatest dimensions. Whenrepparttar 142987 seeds have been sown,repparttar 142988 receptacles should be covered with panes of glass and shaded with sheets of paper.

How To Create An Oasis of Serenity With a Backyard Garden Hot Tub

Written by Garry John

Imagine starting your morning with a saunter outrepparttar back door to enjoy a cup of coffee in your garden hot tub, or relaxing just before bed with a lazy soak in your backyard hot tub underrepparttar 142896 stars. More and more homeowners are takingrepparttar 142897 plunge (pardonrepparttar 142898 pun!) and installing a hot tub in their backyard or garden. If it all sounds tempting to you, here are a few things to consider when deciding where and whether to put a hot tub in YOUR backyard.

Do you haverepparttar 142899 space?

A hot tub may look small, but evenrepparttar 142900 smallest hot tubs weigh hundreds of pounds – thousands when filled with water. You’ll need to figure in space forrepparttar 142901 plumbing and controls as well – and if your county requires security fencing around your tub, you’ll need to take that into consideration as well when you’re planning for your garden hot tub.

Where will you put it?

No, really, it’s notrepparttar 142902 same question as above. Because of their weight andrepparttar 142903 need for plumbing and electricity, you’ll need to planrepparttar 142904 location of your hot tub carefully. A hot tub onrepparttar 142905 patio or deck may sound wonderful – but it will need reinforcement to carry that much weight safely. Besides structural considerations, there are practical ones that are a lot more fun to consider. Do you want it close torepparttar 142906 house – perhaps just outside your bedroom sliders so that you can slip in and out of it easily? Choose a spot for your backyard hot tub that gives you privacy, beauty and convenience.

Do you want a seasonal or year-round hot tub?

You might think that soaking in a hot tub in your garden in winter is a chilling experience, but there’s something especially cozy about watchingrepparttar 142907 snowflakes fall fromrepparttar 142908 relaxing warmth of a garden hot tub. If you’d like to use your hot tub year round, discuss weather proofing withrepparttar 142909 construction company, and while you’re at it, consider a gazebo roof or similar protection for rainy days as well.

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