How to Quickly Gain Traffic to Your New Web Site

Written by Herman Drost

The problem with a new site is that it often takes a long time before it is indexed byrepparttar search engines. This means you are missing out on getting traffic and making sales. Google places new sites inrepparttar 135792 "sandbox" which means they are on "hold" for a period of time before they rank.

Here are some ways to generate immediate traffic to your web site:

1. Start a PPC (pay per click) campaign – you can begin a Google Adwords campaign and start generating visitorsrepparttar 135793 same day you set it up. Of course it is going to cost you some money but you can set a limit for how much you wish to spend. You will soon get a good idea what keywords producerepparttar 135794 most clicks for your ads. You can incorporate these keywords in your site when you optimize it forrepparttar 135795 search engines.

While you run your PPC campaign get busy with preparing your site forrepparttar 135796 main search engines. Once you have been indexed byrepparttar 135797 main ones such as Google, Yahoo and MSN and start moving up in rankings, you can scale backrepparttar 135798 amount you spend on Google Adwords. Your goal is to eventually rank high enough that you won’t have to use PPC anymore because you are getting enough visitors.

2. Optimize your site forrepparttar 135799 search engines –repparttar 135800 keywords that generatedrepparttar 135801 most clicks from your PPC campaign, should be included in your web pages. Research alternative keywords using utilities such as Wordtracker orrepparttar 135802 Overture Suggestion Tool. You can determinerepparttar 135803 popularity of those keywords by seeing how many Google Adword campaigns are running. You accomplish this by enteringrepparttar 135804 keyword or keyword phrase inrepparttar 135805 Google search engine and see how many ads appear onrepparttar 135806 right hand side ofrepparttar 135807 page. If there are a lot, that meansrepparttar 135808 keyword you chose is very popular and in high demand.

Integrate a few of your best keywords withinrepparttar 135809 text on each of your web pages. The home page should containrepparttar 135810 keywords which haverepparttar 135811 highest demand (most searches) withrepparttar 135812 least number of competing web sites. Then proceed with repparttar 135813 other pages in descending order of keyword popularity.

Make sure you also include these keywords in your meta tags, title, h1-h3 tags, links and file names. Don’t overdo it for you may get penalized for spammingrepparttar 135814 search engines.

3. Increase link popularity – this refers to how many external and internal links are pointing or linking to any particular page. External links include those that come from web sites other than your own whereas internal links are those that come from withinrepparttar 135815 same domain name. Link popularity is not based onrepparttar 135816 "quantity" of links butrepparttar 135817 "quality" of those links as well. Therefore increasing link popularity does not necessarily require having a large number of links pointing to your site but rather a good number of quality links.

The "REAL" info products secret and how to get out of the cycle.

Written by Ed Charkow

Most "info-products" revolve around Internet marketing, and get rich quick schemes. Everyone is looking for that instant "secret" that will guarantee them overnight success without spendingrepparttar start up capital of a real brick and mortar business.

Selling those seekers a package of "secrets" that cost between $5 and $5000 that probably have a few real nuggets of really effective techniques and are 95% filler is a great way to spend your time and money. IF you arerepparttar 135743 one sellingrepparttar 135744 secrets. It really doesn't matter if you give away your truly secret marketing tips, because 99% ofrepparttar 135745 people that order your product will never read it, or act on it.

I'm not trying to sell you an info product here, it's just a fact that most people don't do anything... although they want too. They just don't haverepparttar 135746 time, or motivation to putrepparttar 135747 effort into learn how to be a webmaster.

The real info product secret for those that have no technical skills or writing ability is:

1.) Pick a topic 2.) Pay someone to develop it

Have you ever wondered how some "guru's" churn out info-products, and endorsements faster than light? It's because many of them have others doing allrepparttar 135748 work for them. They don't write their copy (they spend several thousand dollars on it), they don't writerepparttar 135749 info-product (they spend several thousand dollars on it), and they don't even do most of their marketing (they do joint ventures with others).

That's where all those info-products that basically say "do what I do!" fail forrepparttar 135750 average Internet user. It won't stop them from buyingrepparttar 135751 next info-product that comes along and tells them it has allrepparttar 135752 "secrets."

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