How to Put the Sizzle Back in Your Relationship with These Seven Goal Setting Tools

Written by Colin Dunbar

Goal Setting and Relationships?

That is not as weird as it may sound. Considerrepparttar following definition of a goal: "A goal is a future incidence or event that is consciously worked towards." With this in mind, it is perfectly normal to make it your goal to improve your relationship, and these seven goal setting tools can help you.

A great relationship is one ofrepparttar 122061 finest things life can offer. When you choose your partner and start on a full-time relationship, you look forward to a future of love, support, encouragement, communication and intimacy. We enter into relationships for many different reasons and with many different expectations. Often, due to circumstances outside your control, a relationship can become a little tarnished.

You recognize that all people are different and that evenrepparttar 122062 most compatible couple will have individual needs that differ at times. Using justrepparttar 122063 seven goal setting tools discussed in this article takes a give and take approach. Partners in a relationship who adopt this give and take attitude often feel a sense of pride in modifying a need "downward" when they know it will satisfy and stabilize their partner andrepparttar 122064 relationship itself. Mutual giving flourishes in an atmosphere of cooperation.

Seven Goal Setting Tools

Listening: Communication isrepparttar 122065 key to a lasting relationship and listening isrepparttar 122066 key to communicating. Being a good listener takes more than being attentive to your partner when he or she talks with you. Good listening is a characteristic of a healthy relationship. Give your mate full attention when he or she is talking. Listening without interruptingrepparttar 122067 other shows respect and also builds trust. Sometimesrepparttar 122068 greatest gift you can give someone is just to listen - with your heart. So listening helps to improve relationship in great way.

Small things: The small things are what constitute our existence. Oncerepparttar 122069 excitement your partner brings to your world becomes familiar, it'srepparttar 122070 small things that thrill you both and that will keep you connected and turned-on forrepparttar 122071 long run. Dorepparttar 122072 small things you did when you first fell in love with your mate. Rememberrepparttar 122073 small things you did to show your love to your mate? But as time went by, you probably began to get weighed down with simply living life and forgotrepparttar 122074 small things that maderepparttar 122075 difference inrepparttar 122076 beginning. Small things like a phone call inrepparttar 122077 middle ofrepparttar 122078 day just to talk or say, "I love you", a handwritten appreciative note, flowers, gifts, and opening doors. Re-charge your relationship by consciously going back and doingrepparttar 122079 small things that you did when your love first began to grow.

Give attention: When each person has decided to give of themselves torepparttar 122080 other, you form a reciprocating relationship of love, concern, and devotion. Consider your mate's interests more important than your own. Give attention to your mate's interests. All healthy relationships require consistent, ongoing, conscious attention to survive and thrive. It is a simple fact that whenever we give attention to something, we are choosing to create more of it.

Say 'thank you': One ofrepparttar 122081 most useful phrases in improving your relationship is to say "thank you". These two magic words will make others feel closer to you and create loyal relationships. This attitude of appreciation nourishesrepparttar 122082 heart of both participants and assures that each person's needs are attended to. Things like saying "thank you", re-charge your relationship. You know to say "thank you" when someone gives you a gift or does something special for you. However, if you're seriously interested in improving your relationship, you need to let your mate know how much you appreciate things that are not special,repparttar 122083 things that we just take for granted because people are supposed to do them anyway. Tell your partner what is right with them, what you appreciate, value and cherish. Thank them repeatedly and often. Appreciation makes your partner feel valued. It also builds trust and a feeling of acceptance. These powerful attributes act like a magnet to attract your partner to you.

Hiring a Cheap Photographer Without Tarnishing Your Image

Written by Victoria Williams

You take a look at your budget, then a look at your expenses and as tears well up, you consider cutting a few corners. Nice photographs won't payrepparttar bills, right? But wait, you've heardrepparttar 122060 horror stories of "ruined" memories whenrepparttar 122061 couple goes this route. Is there a way around it? Yes, but barely. If you are rolling in money by all means, hire a well-known competitively priced, reputable photographer. Your wedding is one day you want to remember forever. Pictures that make it look like you hadrepparttar 122062 ceremony outside at 12 midnight when you know it was 10AM in sun shiny Florida won't sit well with anyone, so be careful.

If you are on a budget like most people are, you will have your work cut out for you. Try these 7 tips:

1. Ask around! Most low priced, but relatively good photographers are not spending money on big shiny ads inrepparttar 122063 yellow pages or magazines. They rely heavily on word of mouth.

2. Figure out what poses you want and compare those to what is inrepparttar 122064 photographer's portfolio. Find poses that are similar torepparttar 122065 ones you want and if those pictures capturerepparttar 122066 feeling and excitement ofrepparttar 122067 moment, that photographer might be a winner.

3. Choose a freelance photographer. Yes, I said a freelance photographer. He or she has low overhead, therefore are less likely to cut corners to keeprepparttar 122068 company afloat. And he will not have "borrowed" photographs for his portfolio from another more experienced company employee just to bolster his image.

4.Preperation is key. A photographer that plans to just "kinda show up" onrepparttar 122069 day of your wedding will miss some of your most important moments, even if he is experienced. If he does not want to takerepparttar 122070 time to find out how "everything and everyone" is going to be placed duringrepparttar 122071 ceremony and reception, then throw him outrepparttar 122072 car and keep rolling. You will be glad you did it.

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