How to Put Fear to Work for You

Written by Shawn Driscoll

"Our doubts are traitors, And make us loserepparttar good we oft might win By fearing to attempt." - William Shakespeare, "Measure for Measure"

Fear is ever-present and an inescapable part of being human. Where there is a dream, there is fear. Where there is change, there is fear. Along with new opportunities, come fear. Yet somehow, fear has been vilified. We have come to think of fear is inherently bad—something to avoid or eliminate. Butrepparttar 138343 truth is fear plays an important and meaningful role in our growth and development.

In “Take Yourself torepparttar 138344 Top” Laura Berman Fortgang wrote “Every choice you make is rooted either in fear or in courage.” Likerepparttar 138345 two sides of a coin, fear and courage are closely melded together. When you tossrepparttar 138346 coin intorepparttar 138347 air each day, which side have you been landing on? If fear seems to be prevailing, try these strategies to make a friend of fear. Only then will your coin be able to safely land on courage.

1.Respond, rather than react, to fear. 2.Listen torepparttar 138348 fear as you would a trusted friend 3.Take your fear torepparttar 138349 end

Respond to fear rather than react to it…

What is your natural way of dealing with fear? Many times we simply react. Re-act. We STOP!, we change direction, we settle for something less fear-inducing, or we ignore it and struggle forward in spite of our fear. None of those reactions makesrepparttar 138350 best use of our fears. These reactions actually prevent us from fully achieving what we desire or dream.

The first step toward making friends with fear is to stop reacting to it and start responding. Our fears are there because they are trying to tell us something about ourselves. When we respond to our fears, we are takingrepparttar 138351 time to listen and then make changes, correct something, or create something that we need. Atrepparttar 138352 first sign of fear, STOP, LISTEN and RESPOND. The longer you ignore it,repparttar 138353 more likely you are to react and regret.

Listen torepparttar 138354 fear as you would a trusted friend

What if you viewed your fears as a friend instead? What would your friend want you to know? What is it asking of you? When we react to fear, we usually are trying to turn offrepparttar 138355 “negative” emotion. It’s uncomfortable for us and we want to withdraw from it.

Embrace it! Love it as you would a friend. It is not asking you to shrink away from your ambitions, hopes, dreams, opportunities or possibilities. It is asking MUCH MORE of you than that. It’s asking you to Act Bigger. To be self interested, self preserving. Dream big but take care. Have a Plan B. And a Plan C. If you fear failure, build a safety net so that you can get back up and keep moving forward rather than having to spend time and energy putting pieces together. If you fear rejection, give yourself acceptance—fully.

If you are finding that fear is holding you back, try this: Write downrepparttar 138356 fear-based messages you are dealing with. (For example, What if I fail? What if this doesn’t work out? What if they say no? What if they say yes? I am afraid of losing. I can’t do this.)

Look at these messages and ask yourself…what is my friend fear trying to tell me? What is it asking of me? Is it true? Write down your response for each fear based message you have listed.

What Does the World Owe You?

Written by Tinu AbayomiPaul

Copyright 2005 Tinu AbayomiPaul

Sometimes many of us feel like we've made deposits into society, yet we are unable to make withdrawals. Whenever I have felt that way inrepparttar past, I read essays like Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay Compensation, which I made into a free downloadable copy and distributed last week inrepparttar 138342 special success issue of my ezine.

The other day a good friend of mine told me that I deserve to be more successful because I help so many other people, and so often without seeing a direct reciprocation. Just this morning, it was implied in another conversation thatrepparttar 138343 internet community "owes" me something, in return for allrepparttar 138344 free site promotion and marketing information I give away.

Butrepparttar 138345 truth is, I don't wonder about whatrepparttar 138346 world owes me any longer. That's because I know better, through a long road of mental, physical, emotional and financial struggle, I've come to understand thatrepparttar 138347 world really doesn't owe me anything.

I've already been paid, and so have you.

We get our gifts at birth. We're here. We're alive. We're given a set of circumstances, some to overcome, some to elevate us. And yes, sometimes it seems thatrepparttar 138348 wayrepparttar 138349 world works is unfair. But from a long-range view, is that trulyrepparttar 138350 reality?

What's reallyrepparttar 138351 difference between you andrepparttar 138352 next guy? Isrepparttar 138353 next person smarter than you, faster to pick things up? Maybe, maybe not. But even in that capacity,repparttar 138354 main differences between someone who is successful and someone who is just barely keeping their head above water has nothing to do with that.

It h as to do with determination, and taking advantage ofrepparttar 138355 opportunities presented to you, more than anything else. The paths torepparttar 138356 belief in yourself that yield that determination are many, butrepparttar 138357 end of that path isrepparttar 138358 same: success.

Know-how, you can buy or develop through trial and error. If your situation forces you to takerepparttar 138359 long road, there are endless venues for study on and offline.

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