How to Protect Yourself & Your Business

Written by Vishal P. Rao

2003 Vishal P. Rao

As a business owner, you already know how important it is for your customers to feel safe about doing business with you. After all, if a customer even suspects he may not receive everything he was promised, then chances are he's taking his business elsewhere. So to prevent that you offer guarantees, secure payment methods, prompt customer service, and more. You do whatever it takes to show each customer that you are sincere and trustworthy.

But what steps do you take to protect yourself and your livelihood?

Too many business owners spend all their time worrying about their customers' security without thinking of their own, even though small companies must often deal with customer fraud, non-paying clients, and more.

Just as you've taken steps to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their buying experience, so should you feel comfortable and secure by taking a few precautions of your own.

1. Get Everything in Writing

Written contracts are not just for helping customers understand what they can expect to receive for their money, they are about laying downrepparttar ground rules for your business relationship. When these guidelines are in writing, nothing is left up for a debate or becomes a misunderstanding.

Both parties can be assured that their interests are being protected and both should have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities inrepparttar 117211 event that something goes awry.

A good example would be if you sold a toy which a parent returned six months later because it was broken. Without a contract in writing specifyingrepparttar 117212 time limits and conditions of your return policy, you might end up with an ongoing battle witrepparttar 117213 customer which could result in lost business and even lawsuits.

Written contracts also don't need to be crafted by lawyers. You can write everything out yourself in ordinary, easy to understand language. When you andrepparttar 117214 customer sign it, it becomes a legal and binding agreement. It's really that simple.

Guide to free advertising

Written by Rebecca Gilbert

Guide to free advertising

By Rebecca Gilbert When I first started my internet home business, I realized that in order to make money I would have to bring visitors to my website. I didn't have a lot of extra cash laying around, and my mentality atrepparttar time was "Why would I pay for it, when I can get it for free"? So, I starting searchingrepparttar 117210 internet for places that would accept an ad for my product for free. I was very happy to find literally thousands of sites willing to accept my ad. Asrepparttar 117211 weeks went by I worked hard and learned a lot. The phrase that comes to mind when I think back is, "you get what you pay for". I was placing ads onrepparttar 117212 internet every free moment I got and was getting very little results. Not being one to quite, I figured I would move on to another form of advertising or figure out what I was doing wrong withrepparttar 117213 free advertising. As soon as I placed my ad, I would go back and look at it. I expected my ad to be atrepparttar 117214 top ofrepparttar 117215 list since I had just placed it. Much to my surprise, my ad was listed downrepparttar 117216 list a little way. I realized that atrepparttar 117217 very moment that I was placing my ad, others were doingrepparttar 117218 same. And as each person placed an ad, mine moved further downrepparttar 117219 list. In my infinite wisdom... I realized that potential visitors would probably not search pastrepparttar 117220 first page before choosing a product. So then I decided that I would go into that site and place my ad every few hours. This way I knew it would always stay close torepparttar 117221 top ofrepparttar 117222 page, and hopefully be viewed by a potential customer. How right I was!!! Eventually, I had my first customer and had made my first sale onrepparttar 117223 internet! What a feeling! I was ready to takerepparttar 117224 internet by storm... The week ran intorepparttar 117225 weekend, and I continued inrepparttar 117226 same way with my free ad campaign...and no luck. Several weeks went by were I was getting visitors and making sales throughrepparttar 117227 week, and none onrepparttar 117228 weekend. Are you seeing a pattern here? I sure did. I soon discovered through statistical data that I pulled up from a search engine thatrepparttar 117229 internet traffic onrepparttar 117230 weekend is super low compared torepparttar 117231 weekdays. I also learned thatrepparttar 117232 internet traffic is at its peak aroundrepparttar 117233 noon hour inrepparttar 117234 US. From that day forward, I didn't waste my time advertising onrepparttar 117235 weekends. Instead, I would sit down around 11:00 a.m. every morning and run as many free ads as was humanly possible. I could just about plan each day at noon that I could get a potential customer, affiliate, sale. I'm also a firm believer inrepparttar 117236 phrase "work smarter, not harder". It didn't take me long to figure out that I could utilize copy and paste and runrepparttar 117237 same ad in every category that it applied. I also usedrepparttar 117238 back button on my browser a lot. Most ofrepparttar 117239 time by usingrepparttar 117240 back button, all my information was still there and I could just choose a different category.

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