How to Protect Yourself Against the Hidden Cost of Shipping to Trade Shows

Written by Paul Buisson

Trade Shows are lots of work, but they can generate lots of new business for their participants. In addition torepparttar expense of staffing your booth, food, lodging, display, travel, etc. you need to consider how will you transport your equipment to and fromrepparttar 150622 event. This sounds like a simple task, but few freight carriers deliver to trade shows. Why don’t many carriers ship to trade shows? Anytime you have lots of businesses shipping torepparttar 150623 same destination onrepparttar 150624 same day there will be problems. Every hourrepparttar 150625 driver must wait in line to unload their delivery will costrepparttar 150626 shipper extra money and delayrepparttar 150627 remaining deliveries inrepparttar 150628 trailer. This “waiting charge” is in addition torepparttar 150629 freight quote given byrepparttar 150630 freight forwarder or carrier.

As a general rule shippers should only be charged waiting fees 30% - 40% ofrepparttar 150631 time. Some ofrepparttar 150632 larger conventions and trade shows incur wait times of four to six hours. The hourly charge, depending onrepparttar 150633 location, could be $30.00 - $100.00 an hour. Remember that you will need to transport your shipment torepparttar 150634 convention center and returnrepparttar 150635 shipment also. Waiting charges can occur on bothrepparttar 150636 delivery andrepparttar 150637 return trip.

How to Handle Workplace Conflict

Written by Philip Lye

Workplace Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of business life and not all conflict is negative. Most people would agree that where there are people there is conflict.

Some workplace conflict is healthy and if viewed positively can be an opportunity and catharsis for you and your business to effect positive change! It’s all how you think about it.

However where unhealthy conflict raises its head repeatedly this has potential risk to cause your business negative consequences. These negative consequences can have far reaching effects and added costs to your bottom line if not nipped inrepparttar bud quickly.

Common causes of workplace conflict may include

• Poor communications

• Mushroom effect – no one knows what’s happening around here

• Unrealistic work expectations

• Overwork

• Stress

• Personality clashes (a lack of ability to get on or want to get one with people different from you)

• Favouritism

• Poor leadership

Communication isrepparttar 150592 glue that holds relationships together in your business. Your employees want to feel valued and know that you are interested in them. Poor communication isrepparttar 150593 number one topic raised by employees in questionnaires conducted inrepparttar 150594 workplace.

Negative stress hasrepparttar 150595 power to cripple your business! Sometimes as a business owner you may allow referred stress (our personal stress) to be transferred unwittingly on your employees. This is likely to lead to your business experiencingrepparttar 150596 negative consequences of friction, decreased morale and potentially employees may undermine your business.

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