How to Promote your Web Site by Writing Articles

Written by Oudam Em

Sharing knowledge onrepparttar web can be a very powerful way to establish your online presence and credibility. First, you write a thoughtful and informative article on an topic in your area of expertise. Then you submit it to e-zines to be read byrepparttar 139771 general public and possibly re-published on other web sites.

Appended torepparttar 139772 end of your article is a resource box containing a brief promotional message linking to your web site. Webmasters who wish to reprint your article on their sites are required to include your resource box along with any live links to your site.

For example, an article written by me might haverepparttar 139773 following resource box:

Article by Oudam Em. Oudam isrepparttar 139774 webmaster of Web Launch,, a free resource for web site promotion and search engine optimization. Please visit his site for more free tips and tutorials on building traffic and generating income on your site.

The benefit that you get from your article is two-fold. First, your article will be read by visitors torepparttar 139775 e-zine site. If they find it helpful and interesting, they will likely visit your web site to see what else you had to offer. Second, webmasters who find your article useful to their visitors may re-publish it on their sites, giving your article additional exposure.

Every time your article is re-published on a web site, you gain an additional one-way link to your site throughrepparttar 139776 live link in your resource box. This adds to your link popularity and ultimately increases your search engine rankings. As you can see,repparttar 139777 true potential of your article lies in its ability to propagate virally in cyberspace.

For your article to propagate virally, it should appeal to both readers and webmasters alike. Keep in mind that your goal is hold your readers' attention long enough for them to get torepparttar 139778 resource box. If your article is boring and uninformative, few people will read it beyondrepparttar 139779 first or second paragraph.

Below are some pointers to consider when writing an article:

1. Give your article a catchy title.

Your title isrepparttar 139780 first and oftenrepparttar 139781 only thing that visitors see when they skim through a list of articles on an e-zine page. Put some thought into coming up with a title that grabsrepparttar 139782 reader's attention right away. Words like "Secrets", "Free", and "Successful" tend to attract more attention than others.

2. Your article should not read like an ad.

Most people read articles to find information they can use, not to see a pitch about your products or services. If they see your article as nothing more than a shameless act of self promotion, they'll get turned off and hitrepparttar 139783 "Back" button right away. Put yourself inrepparttar 139784 reader's shoes. What benefits do you want to get out of reading an article? Cater to your reader's interests rather than your own.

3. Offer lots of free, useful information.

Following onrepparttar 139785 last tip, keep in mind that your readers are looking for specific "how-to" instructions to help them achieve a certain goal. Offer lots of tangible information that is immediately useful to them. Do not lead them through hoops just to get to an order form for a $29.95 "Make $50,000 in 30 Days or Your Money Back!" e-book.

4) Avoid gimmicks.

While it may be true that a sucker is born every minute, most internet users are sophisticated enough to tell what's legitimate and what's not. Write withrepparttar 139786 intention of offering something substantial torepparttar 139787 reader. Be honest and forthright. Your article should not causerepparttar 139788 reader to think, "What is this guy trying to sell me?"

5) Be succinct.

Get torepparttar 139789 point quickly, preferably inrepparttar 139790 first or second paragraph. Avoid lengthy paragraphs. Use lots of white space to separate your paragraphs to make them easier to read.

6) Your article should not be too short.

Certainly, it's possible to write a good article packed with useful information using just a few hundred words. If your article is too short, however, some webmasters may feel hesitant to reprint it on their sites. They may, instead, borrow your ideas and write their own article, gaining authorship without having to give you credit for your ideas.

How long should your article be? I suggest at least 800 words, preferably longer. Longer articles give webmastersrepparttar 139791 impression that you have put some thought and effort into your work and, thus, are deserving of publicity on their sites.

7) Use live (clickable) links in your resource box.

Many e-zines permit clickable links in resource boxes. Yet, many authors forgo this privilege by simply spelling out their URLs. Whenever permitted, you should spell out your URL as well as make it clickable (e.g. The advantages of a clickable URL are (1) readers can go to your site simply by clicking on it, and (2) more importantly, search engines will be able to record it as a link your web site, adding to your link popularity and search engine rankings.

Give Them a KISS Ad,
or Traffic Exchange Programs - Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Written by Martin Thomassen

I like traffic exchange programs! But you probably already knew that if you read my first article about this theme: Traffic Exchange Programs – Are they worth your time?.

Why do you like them?”, you might ask. They are notrepparttar most effective way of advertising, they are not all quite cheat proof and they sure are not very targeted; 3 mayor flaws they share with most other types of free advertising. And yes, that’s all very true, BUT traffic exchange programs are free (mostly), you can do things to make them more effective and what if your target group is prone to use traffic exchange programs as well and it fits your business strategy? What if you are a beginner and you just need to start somewhere? What if you have a new site that just needs some initial traffic?

Of course your strategy should not be entirely build uponrepparttar 139730 use of traffic exchange programs, but if you haverepparttar 139731 time, why not take some advantage of them? Use a multi page browser, take heed ofrepparttar 139732 following advise and if you enjoy surfing, these programs are right for you!

Strategic considerations
Questions you should ask yourself are: What is your business strategy? What is your target group?

A good strategy for beginners is to try to sell high ticket products in a niche market. The efforts and costs of selling a high ticket product are quiterepparttar 139733 same as trying to sell a low ticket, cheap product, so why not start with high ticket products? If this is your strategy, you would be wasting your time with traffic exchange programs.

I believe that most people that are surfing these programs are not interested in this kind of products. They are more likely interested in low ticket products and free offers. They are most likely interested in marketing tools (auto responders and such), free traffic, downline builders, new opportunities and programs.

My business strategy is largely build around getting downlines and targeted at people with lots of time but who are not willing to invest a lot of money. This is a very slow and long term strategy and does not involve a lot of actual selling. Traffic exchange programs are a good place to start recruiting. People who surf these programs expect to see ads for new opportunities and programs, downline builders, free ebooks, tools etc.

Normally I do not promoterepparttar 139734 idea of using your home page for traffic exchange programs or to use auto surf programs, but there are exceptions. When you have a new site and want some initial traffic, sign up for a few programs and benefit fromrepparttar 139735 start bonuses. When you have a new page (offer) or site and you are not interested in Page Rank, you could use auto surf programs to get your ticker starting and get some traffic (but never do this with your main site!).

How long do you need to surf?

How much do you need to surf for credits? Well, there are people saying that you need to surf at least one hour per day! That would berepparttar 139736 people who are in your upline I suppose. Actually, I do not have a recommendation forrepparttar 139737 time you should spend, that's totally up to you, but can I tell you how I do it? At this very moment, writing this article, I have 4 programs running and I am playing a bit of solitaire. Point is that I am running a special offer at this moment and I need some extra credits, so when I stop writing for a while, I continue surfing for credits.

Mostly I surf when I feel like it and have no other urgent matters at hand. Or when I am doing something and need something else to distract me for a little while or when I need some fresh ideas. I surf in bursts, only with a few programs atrepparttar 139738 time and try to getrepparttar 139739 credit ticker running to get some ofrepparttar 139740 bigger bonuses. surfing too many programs atrepparttar 139741 same time isn’t that effective and seems a lot like working, and I try to avoid that. Typically I surf traffic exchange programs when I feel like it and that is about 2 or 3 times a week for about 1 to 3 hours. And I get a lot of bonuses this way (extra free traffic).

What kind of Traffic Exchange Programs?

There are so many of them, so which should you join? Well, I would be inclined to say that you should just join those that appeal to you (as those are likely to appeal to others as well). But there are a few thing you could or should take into consideration.

First of all they should have a good anti cheat system. Most manual traffic exchanges have rather good anti cheat systems nowadays. The timer, orrepparttar 139742 time to showrepparttar 139743 sites before you can go torepparttar 139744 next site should not be too short. People should haverepparttar 139745 time to see your ad. The bonus system should really benefitrepparttar 139746 heavy surfers with lavish bonuses. I like traffic exchanges with lots of extra features (for playing a game while surfing, to change banner credits for site credits, a site rotator, free ebooks or other offers, chat room, bribes and that sort of things). You will need to be able to pause your sites from being shown or there should be a mechanism to assign only a certain percentage of your credits for displaying your pages.. Sometimes you will need extra bursts of advertising and you should be able to build up a reserve amount of credits. A strong pro would be if they haverepparttar 139747 ability to specify your target group or market a little more and provide an option to display your pages to certain categories of visitors.

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