How to Prevent a Custody Battle After Divorce.

Written by By Barbara Rose

I recently markedrepparttar six-year anniversary of my custody battle. I have learned vital lessons that I want to share with all parents. Divorce yourself emotionally from your former spouse.

Mind your own business. Their life is no longer married to yours.

Our children are not to be fought over like property. Children are not property, and parents do not own them.

The issue is not custody. It is lovingrepparttar 131042 children, sharing parental responsibility for their physical needs, and maintaining open communication betweenrepparttar 131043 parents forrepparttar 131044 sake ofrepparttar 131045 children.

If you file a custody suit out of bitterness, or to get personal revenge, or to avoid sharing parental responsibility with open communication, you commit a crime against your children.

No matter how much you may despise your former spouse, your children are as much a part of their other parent as they are of you.

No matter how much you may dread sharing open, healthy communication with your former spouse, you must do it to provide a role model of healthy adult communication for your children; they will need this vital resource when they become adults.

Psychologically healthy divorced parents show courtesy and respect to each other. Their children then internalizerepparttar 131046 message that they are respected. Through open dialogue with each other, parents teach their children to speak their truth rather than sacrifice it to please one parent or blamerepparttar 131047 other. Such parents give their children an invaluable gift.

When parents stop blaming and start to look within, they take personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions. The parents heal their issues, and their children are spared great pain.

I ask you, if you are a parent, to look torepparttar 131048 source of your pain. It is not with your former spouse. It is within you. Look closely atrepparttar 131049 areas you vehemently guard. If you don't want open communication, do it anyway. Your children need to learn how to communicate.

If you don't want to pay child support, pay it anyway. Your children are entitled to be raised withrepparttar 131050 financial resources of both parents. They deserverepparttar 131051 best life they can possibly have.

10 Traits of an Organized Home

Written by Barbara Myers

10 Traits of an Organized Home by Barbara Myers (

1. Lack of clutter because everything has a place. The band-aids are inrepparttar kitchen cabinet left ofrepparttar 131041 sink. All videos are inrepparttar 131042 cabinet nearrepparttar 131043 VCR. Today's mail is sorted into individual family member's baskets or folders.

2. Refrigerator, freezer and pantry are stocked and organized. There's a planned menu for this week. A grocery list in progress is posted nearrepparttar 131044 fridge.

3. Clean laundry is put away. Dirty laundry is in hampers or is being laundered.

4. Family calendar is updated daily and color-coded by person.

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