How to Prevent Theft of Your Ebooks - Part 2: Stop Illegal Downloads

Written by Michael Hopkins & Jeff McCall

If you sell downloadable products (via ClickBank, PayPal, etc.), you need to be sure that no-one can access those products unless they've paid for them. It's no secret that there are many people out there who will try to get to your download pages without paying for your product or, worse again, will make your download links available for free to others.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

Here are a few tips that won't provide 100% protection, but will ensure thatrepparttar majority of users will not be able to easily access and steal your products.


If you name your download page something like 'thankyou.html' or 'download.html' then it's a pretty simple process forrepparttar 108406 average hacker to locate your page and download your product. Give your download pages a complicated name that is neither easy to guess, easy to remember nor easy to recognize.


In keeping with point number 1, this is just a question of making it more difficult forrepparttar 108407 average hacker to find your download pages.

Let's say you're selling an ebook called "How to Make Your Hamster Happy". Now, let's say you're selling it at this URL:

In this example, your sales page is contained inrepparttar 108408 directory called 'happyhamster'.

Now, rather than store your download page in this same directory, you can make life more difficult forrepparttar 108409 hacker by creating sub-directories (or 'nested' directories) for your download page.

Just create a sub-directory inside 'happyhamster' called, for example, 'srB45n' and another directory inside that one called 'trd12s' (or whatever) and then place your download page inside this directory. In this scenario, your download page would be contained at this, more hidden, address: rd12s

Another approach is to place your download page directory in a separate place altogether on your server - thus making it even more difficult for a hacker to track it down.


If you don't have a page called 'index.htm' inrepparttar 108410 directory that contains your download page, then your host server will display a page listingrepparttar 108411 contents of that directory.

Here's an example of a directory that doesn't have an 'index.htm' page: As you can see,repparttar 108412 contents ofrepparttar 108413 directory are there for all to see (and download).

Your 'index' page can be a regular page from your site or you can make it re-directrepparttar 108414 visitor somewhere else. You can see this idea in action by visiting As you can see, when you try to access that directory, you're immediately re-directed torepparttar 108415 home page.

To create your own re-direct page, simply pasterepparttar 108416 following HTML code into Windows Notepad (or your web-editing software) and save it as 'index.htm' or 'index.html'. Now upload it torepparttar 108417 folder you wish to protect.

<.html> <.head> <.meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="0;URL=FULL_ADDRESS _HERE"> <.meta name="robots" content="noindex"> <.title> <./head> <.body> <./body> <./html>

Rules and Regulations for the Ebook Publishing Business.

Written by Michael Hopkins

Some questions and answers in relation torepparttar rules and regulations that apply to anyone wishing to start an ebook publishing business. Q. 1 - Do I have to buy a business license to run a business website? If I decide to start an e-book publishing company, do I have to register itrepparttar 108405 State or Federal Government?

This is a quote from Angela Wu's "Online Business Basics" that should help answer these questions and other related issues...


Business registration and licensing requirements will vary depending on where you live. This is not intended to be legal advice; please consult with a lawyer or your local chamber of commerce for information on your specific situation.

Check zoning regulations. Make sure that you are allowed to run a business from your home. Some residential areas may place restrictions onrepparttar 108406 types of businesses that can be run from your home. Try calling city offices first; if they don't have this information, they may be able to point you inrepparttar 108407 right direction.

Purchase any required licenses or permits. Once again, you will need to check with local authorities to find out what licenses and permits you need.

Decide on a business structure. Many Internet home businesses start out as sole proprietorships; visitrepparttar 108408 US Small Business Association for more information :

Register a business name. This is usually a quick and easy process. Start by calling your local government offices, or evenrepparttar 108409 business department of your local bank. They should be able to tell you where you can register a business name.

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