How to Pick the Best Career for You, Part 3: Marketing-with-Intent

Written by Marta Driesslein

Job searching without a target market is as frustrating as transporting a loved one to a hospital emergency room in a foreign country wearing a blindfold. There is every obstacle in place to guarantee you won’t arrive at your destination: Unfamiliar territory, unplanned routing and uncertain conditions.

Marketing-with-Intent precisely drives you to your target and with greater speed because you are usingrepparttar right mode of transportation, an accurate compass and a clear vision of where you’re headed. You’ll differentiate yourself from your competition by usingrepparttar 136001 right vehicle to uncoverrepparttar 136002 best career for you. Finding a job is easy. Locating a meaningful career is much harder but well worthrepparttar 136003 sweat. The traditional method of career transitioning moves you out ofrepparttar 136004 driver’s seat and intorepparttar 136005 back seat. Whenever your career marketing campaign is driven by your needs rather thanrepparttar 136006 employer’s, you lose control of steering your job search inrepparttar 136007 right direction. Today’s customer-centric marketplace requires companies to selectively position each product properly, target it towardrepparttar 136008 right market and package it into an effective, memorable branding. You’ll need this same laser-beamed approach to pinpointrepparttar 136009 right career. It is not a one-shot, random deal. You must market with intent.

Marketing isrepparttar 136010 whole business seen fromrepparttar 136011 point of view of its final result, that is, fromrepparttar 136012 customer’s point of view. We distinguish ourselves through our marketing. Sell solutions, not product. Create demand. Effective marketing both in business and career campaigning also demands continued:

•Diligence in tracking outcomes

•Courage to ditch non- or underperforming efforts

•Hands-on creativity to exploit hidden opportunity

There is no such thing as “soft sell” or “hard sell.” There is only “smart sell” and “stupid sell.” If you try to appeal to everybody, someone else is going to sneak behind you and pick off significant chunks of your market. Translation: Your competition wins. You lose. Smart selling understandsrepparttar 136013 critical difference between mass marketing and marketing segmentation:

•In mass marketing, candidates seek to appeal to a broad range of employers by passively utilizing a single untargeted and generalized marketing strategy. Dumb choice.

•In market segmentation, or Marketing-with-Intent,repparttar 136014 job seeker proactively seeks to appeal to well-defined employer targets. This is accomplished through a strategically-designed marketing action plan that employs multiple strategies simultaneously. Smart choice.

Do What You Love!

Written by Jonathan R Taylor

Thursday, as I drove back from Nashville, I listened to an interview onrepparttar Dave Ramsey Show between Dave and best-selling Christian author Frank Peretti. With over 15 million of his Christian novels in print, Frank has become a publishing phenomenon inrepparttar 135875 Christian fiction community. I can honestly say that I have never read any of his work, but I really don’t need to in order to appreciate this author’s own personal story. Frank explained that while writing his first novel, he worked long days in a ski factory.

His desire to complete his first book was so great, that he would spend time writing on weekends and weeknights as often as he could. Finally, after five years, he completed his first novel, This Present Darkness, in 1988. His next step was getting it published, but this was a difficult process because most publishers would not give his book a second look. Christian fiction didn’t have a big market atrepparttar 135876 time, so most saw his book as too big of a financial risk. Frank finally discovered a small publishing company willing to take a chance on his work, andrepparttar 135877 rest is history. Initial sales were pretty slow forrepparttar 135878 book but after several months, enthusiasm through word of mouth catapulted it into one ofrepparttar 135879 hottest Christian books onrepparttar 135880 market. In fact, This Present Darkness and its sequel Piercingrepparttar 135881 Darkness have sold well over 3.5 million.

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