How to Patch Small Holes in Drywall

Written by Joe Hyslop

Patching Smaller Holes in Drywall

Tools & Material: Trowel, Joint Compound, Sand Paper, Peel-And-Stick Repair Patch, Primer, Touchup Paint, Paint Brush

Small holes caused by doorknobs arerepparttar most common and easiest to fix. Any other holes within a radius of 6 inches can be classified in this category as well. Begin by wipingrepparttar 141700 area clean of debris and coveringrepparttar 141701 hole with a peel-and-stick repair patch found at any local hardware store.

The Magic of Color

Written by Cass Hope

Deciding what colors to use when decorating your house can be a real challenge. Do you want a soothing atmosphere, vibrant or warm and cozy? The choice does not have to be complicated if you understandrepparttar workings ofrepparttar 141562 theory of color. As many colors as there are out there all come from one ofrepparttar 141563 colors ofrepparttar 141564 rainbow: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet and black and white. These colors are divided up into two categories:

Primary Colors: red, yellow and blue. They are called primary because they are pure and no two colors were mixed to createrepparttar 141565 color. Secondary Colors: orange, green, and violet. They are called secondary because they are mixed from two ofrepparttar 141566 primary colors.

There are also two types of colors withinrepparttar 141567 color wheel:

Harmonious Colors: Colors that are next to each other onrepparttar 141568 color wheel. Blues, green, blue-green and aqua all lay next to each other and work well together in any room to create a comfortable harmonious atmosphere. Contrasting Colors: Colors, which are onrepparttar 141569 opposite side ofrepparttar 141570 color wheel. Red-green or blue-orange contrast each other but will complement each other and will create a vibrant intense atmosphere.

Colors can have a powerful effect onrepparttar 141571 feel of a room. These are two ofrepparttar 141572 “moods” created by certain colors:

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