How to Organize Your Email Without Losing It

Written by Herman Drost

Do you often get bogged down with too much email to handle, chewing up your valuable time online? With email being one ofrepparttar most popular forms of online marketing you can be sure you are going to receive much more email inrepparttar 109577 future, wanted and unwanted.

Picture this scenario:

You receive 40 new emails in your inbox each day:

1. 10 are from personal friends. 2. 10 are requests for more information from potential clients. 3. 10 are new newsletters that must be read. 4. 10 are junk mail

So how do you deal with it?

1. Create different email addresses using domain forwarding.

If you have your own web site, your web host allows you to forward all your email from your domain (domain forwarding) to an outside address (ie This is called your "catch all" address ie set up your email aliases (, etc) so when you receive email from any of these, they will be forwarded to your "catch all" address.

The limitation of this method is that you can't send email from your alias addresses. It can only be sent form your "catch all" email address.

2. Set-up separate email accounts.

To also send mail from each new email address, you need to set up a separate email account for each address. Usually your web host will give you a number of free email (called POP3) accounts that come with your hosting package.

Create a new email account for different categories ie - for emailing your personal friends. - for subscribing to newsletters. - for submitting articles. - for advertising information - a public email address you use for forums, newsgroups and SPAM. Ifrepparttar 109578 spam gets too much you can dispose of this address and set-up a new one.

3. Create new inboxes for each of these separate email accounts.

How Can I Stop Getting Spam?

Written by Sean Proske

How Can I Stop Getting Spam? A Tutorial for Webmasters By Sean Proske

Are you getting too much spam? We all are, but if you're a webmasterrepparttar word spam takes on a whole new meaning.

It's not uncommon forrepparttar 109576 luckiest of email users to receive a dozen or so spam messages each day, while those of us who aren't so fortunate receive hundreds.

The casual home user tends to be more fortunate, so this article is devoted to those of us with one or more website because webmasters are getting hit by spam ... and hit hard.

The reason ... a website doesn't do you much good if you don't give potential customers a way to contact you, and that normally means posting an email address on your website, where it is vulnerable to email address harvesting tools used by spammers. Domain registration records are also a common source used by spammers.

In order to conduct business online you now need to sift throughrepparttar 109577 endless barrage of offers for herbal viagra, pornography, pyramid schemes, and so on.

With such a large volume of spam to contend with, it's likely you've lost sales due to missing important emails that simply floated away in this sea of spam. And there's no way to really calculaterepparttar 109578 cost of that lost business. If you've missed email then how can you ever know how much business you've lost?

If you want to solverepparttar 109579 problem, you need to be proactive becauserepparttar 109580 sad reality is that if you do nothing, it will only get worse until finally it reachesrepparttar 109581 point where your email account has become totally and completely unmanageable. Fortunately there are a few options available to you.

-------------------------------------------------- Securing Your Domain Registration Against Spammers --------------------------------------------------

First let's addressrepparttar 109582 whois database, which is a publicly accessible database in which your domain registration record is listed ... and that includes your email address. It's not uncommon now for people to be spammed at a brand new email address within hours of registering a new domain.

Go Daddy is a domain registrar that now offers private domain registrations. Atrepparttar 109583 time of writing this article, they arerepparttar 109584 only registrar who currently offers this service. Hopefully in time, other registrars will pick up on this idea and offerrepparttar 109585 service too.

With a private domain registration, which costs only a few dollars more than a regular registration, your contact information including your email address will not be publicly accessible inrepparttar 109586 whois database.

That's guaranteed to cut down on spam quite significantly as this very important source of addresses that spammers use, will no longer provide your address to them.

If you don't wish to obtain a private domain registration, then there is another option that will be equally effective. Set up a new email address that you use only forrepparttar 109587 purpose of providing registration information for your domain name. You can easily scan email sent to that address for messages from your registrar, and deleterepparttar 109588 rest without having to read it.

-------------------------------------------------- Securing Your Website Against Spammers --------------------------------------------------

The other major source, and by farrepparttar 109589 biggest source of email addresses for spammers is of courserepparttar 109590 mailto links on your own website. Email address harvesting or extraction software as it's known is cheap, easy to use, and readily available ... and it's very effective. That means there are a lot of spammers out there with easy access to your email address.

Chances are hundreds or even thousands of spammers using such software have already harvested your address. And what can you do about this? You need to provide a way for your customers to reach you by email, or you'll lose business. There are steps you can take to prevent your email address from being harvested and used by spammers though, while still providing legitimate visitors to your site with a way to email you.

One solution is to make allrepparttar 109591 mailto links on your site point to a form instead, which will still provide a means for people to send you email. Provided you use a CGI script that doesn't requirerepparttar 109592 address to be embedded withinrepparttar 109593 form itself, you can shield your address from email address extractors.

If you don't want to require people to fill out a form to email you from your website, then you can get a little more creative. It is possible to put a mailto link on your site that when clicked will still launchrepparttar 109594 sender's email program, and start a new message with your address inrepparttar 109595 To field ... but without having to embed your email address inrepparttar 109596 mailto link where spam software can snatch it. Click below to see an example of how it works.

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