How to Organize

Written by Paul Holstein

Highly effective people are organized people. They seemingly handle many tasks atrepparttar same time and do not lose track of their progress. They don't miss appointments or lose things as often asrepparttar 101909 rest of us do. They always have their work done on time or early and they have more free time. Organization isrepparttar 101910 key to productivity. It allows us to keep an eye on things and instantly recognize when something is wrong.

Picture in your mindrepparttar 101911 ideal organized mechanic's workshop. There is no grease or oil onrepparttar 101912 floor, allrepparttar 101913 tools are organized and hung on peg boards with an outline painted behind each tool. The only vehicles inrepparttar 101914 shop arerepparttar 101915 ones actively being worked on. Each mechanic follows a scientific method for analyzingrepparttar 101916 problem and then goes about replacing or repairingrepparttar 101917 defective parts. They carefully disassemble all parts necessary to get to their target and labelrepparttar 101918 things they have to disconnect. They putrepparttar 101919 reusable parts into a bin and they throw away or separaterepparttar 101920 non-reusable parts so that they don't put them back in. After they have reachedrepparttar 101921 target and replacedrepparttar 101922 defective parts, they carefully reassemblerepparttar 101923 vehicle and check that everything is tight and working. Atrepparttar 101924 end, they test driverepparttar 101925 vehicle and fill out allrepparttar 101926 invoice information.

The benefits of this organization are enormous. Since each tool is put away in its place at all times, it easy to find any necessary tool. If a tool is missing, it is easy to spot which tool is missing and find it. Having no grease or oil onrepparttar 101927 floor helps ensurerepparttar 101928 safety ofrepparttar 101929 mechanics and customers. Only taking outrepparttar 101930 tools they need minimizesrepparttar 101931 risk of tripping on a tool and givesrepparttar 101932 mechanics more room to work. Having a clean and organized work area keepsrepparttar 101933 mechanic's mind focused onrepparttar 101934 task at hand. I could go on but I think you can see how much better offrepparttar 101935 organized workshop is thanrepparttar 101936 non-organized workshop.

Organizing our environment keeps our brains from overloading and allows us to focus on our work. When some of us are surrounded by a mess, we tend to despair and feel overwhelmed and distracted. Ironically, not everyone feels this way. If you've spent any time around kids, you know what I mean. The problem with clutter is that it distracts our attention. When we are surrounded by extra stuff, our eye seems to catch them and distract us. You can almost hearrepparttar 101937 clutter screaming "Do me, take care of me."

OK, so how do you get organized? First of all you needrepparttar 101938 right tools, then you needrepparttar 101939 time and commitment. Let's start withrepparttar 101940 tools. First of all you need plenty of appropriate storage.

If you deal in plenty of small parts, bins may be ideal for you. If you work in an office you need file cabinets. If you work in a kitchen, perhaps drawers and cabinets are more appropriate. Whateverrepparttar 101941 working environment, make sure you have plenty of storage space. Keep in mind that there are actually three ways of obtaining space. You can increaserepparttar 101942 amount of storage space (e.g. build a garage), userepparttar 101943 space you have more efficiently (by adding a bookshelf or overhead cabinets) or reducerepparttar 101944 amount of things you store.

Whateverrepparttar 101945 work environment, you must analyze your storage needs first and haverepparttar 101946 proper tools and storage available. That will probably mean a trip torepparttar 101947 local mega home center for cabinets and peg boards orrepparttar 101948 mega office supply shop for file organizers. This step is critical. Without proper storage, you will be locked in your tracks with nowhere to put awayrepparttar 101949 stuff you want to keep. It will sit out inrepparttar 101950 open and you won't really be able to organize it.

Once you haverepparttar 101951 proper storage, you will also needrepparttar 101952 right tools and accessories. If you are organizing a garage or warehouse, that probably means bins, dividers, Velcro straps, peg board accessories and stackable boxes. If you are cleaning up an office that means file folders, hanging folders, book ends, drawer organizers and labels. Here's a tip: buy more than you need. Buy every little interesting accessory you can find atrepparttar 101953 store and bring it back with you. Userepparttar 101954 ones that work and returnrepparttar 101955 ones that don't. It is better to have extra storage materials on hand and not need them than vice versa.

Now you are ready to beginrepparttar 101956 clean up effort. The first thing you need to do is clear everything out ofrepparttar 101957 area. That means you need to empty out all your drawers, desktop, file cabinets, bookshelves, etc. On an initial clean up, everything must temporarily be moved out ofrepparttar 101958 area. Don't panic, we'll put it back; but for now, it must go. Next, you need to setup your cabinets and files or add your additional storage.

At this point, you should have an clean work area with storage space available and no clutter. Now comesrepparttar 101959 fun part. You need to bring in everything you took out and think about each thing individually.

There are only four basic things you can do with any given item:

1. Handle it 2. File it 3. Delegate it 4. Get rid of it

It doesn't sound like a lot of options does it? However, these are your only options. By limiting your choices, it will help you focus without spinning your wheels. I'll go throughrepparttar 101960 list and explain each one:

Body Imagitis

Written by Rinatta Paries

There is a terrible disease among us. It primarily affects women and, to a smaller degree, men. It is a killer of self-esteem, self respect and joy. It's called "Body Imagitis" and it strikes people from all walks of life.

Beautiful, heart-centered people stricken with this disease begin to believe they are not lovable and cannot have a relationship because their body is notrepparttar cultural ideal. The victims prevent themselves from bonding with others, sometimes refusing all romantic confections. They find themselves saying terrible things about how they look and constantly trying to change their appearance.

What is seldom understood about this disease is that it is not inrepparttar 101908 victim's body, but inrepparttar 101909 victim's mind. Atrepparttar 101910 root ofrepparttar 101911 disease isrepparttar 101912 belief that one is unlovable as a certain size or shape.

Do you or does someone you know suffer from Body Imagitis? If so,repparttar 101913 cure is fairly simple. Simply challenge what and how you think.

Think about these: ------------------

* Are you lovable because of your body or because of who you are inside?

* Do you only bring your body torepparttar 101914 relationship, and if not, what do you bring?

* Are your communication skills and your ability to share and loverepparttar 101915 result of your body or a result of who you are?

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