How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

Written by Nerello Glasure

Ordering wine in a restaurant is not much different than buying it in a wine store. The main difference is that you have an audience. Yet ordering wine in a restaurant can be intimidating especially ifrepparttar wine list is extensive.

Experiment or Homework Keep in mind that evenrepparttar 113096 experts will not be familiar with every selection on a wine list. If you are a novice and your are going on an important date, you should do a little homework to get some idea of what you might want to order. Unless you are feeling extremely adventurous, a restaurant is usually notrepparttar 113097 place to try something new sincerepparttar 113098 mark up can range from 100 to 200%.

The Wine List Today, most restaurants have a wine list, but expect a myriad of shapes and sizes. Some establishments might simply offer just a house red or white, while others have a daily blackboard to outline their rotating selection. Most wine lists are presented as a printed menu, withrepparttar 113099 wines arranged by color; red, white, and rose andrepparttar 113100 region of country. Additionally, many establishments will number their wines onrepparttar 113101 list, which helps big-time if you do not know how to pronouncerepparttar 113102 wine. You can simply say, "I will haverepparttar 113103 number 8".

Before you order, you are going to want to factor in what you are going to be eating. Unfortunately, not a lot of menus give advice on food pairing. If you need some help talk torepparttar 113104 wine steward, or sommelier. They are there to help you makerepparttar 113105 best decision for your occasion, and a good one will not try to take you out of your price range.

Favorite Desserts For Diabetic Husbands

Written by Abigail Baker

It's easier than you think to create delicious desserts for your diabetic husband. When I had to get right down to itrepparttar ideas came flying at me out of my kitchen cupboard!

Here's a few of his favorites:

Easy Orange/Banana Parfait

1 pkge Lite Orange Jello (no sugar) 2 cups vanilla yogurt (fat free, no sugar but artificially sweetened) 1/2 tsp vanilla 2 tsp Splenda 1 banana 1/8 cup Lite cream cheese Makes 4 servings

Preparerepparttar 113094 jello perrepparttar 113095 package directions. When it is partially set, slice and drop your banana pieces intorepparttar 113096 jello and mix gently sorepparttar 113097 banana pieces are covered byrepparttar 113098 jelly. Leave to set firm inrepparttar 113099 refrigerator.

Beatrepparttar 113100 remaining ingredients well together and set aside inrepparttar 113101 fridge.

Just before dinner put your dessert together. I use parfait glasses, they add torepparttar 113102 fun and look ofrepparttar 113103 dessert.

Drop a dollop of yogurt mixture intorepparttar 113104 bottom of each of 4 dishes and a scoop ofrepparttar 113105 jello and thenrepparttar 113106 yogurt mix again and so on torepparttar 113107 top.

I have tried different flavors and different fruit, but, hubby likesrepparttar 113108 orange bananarepparttar 113109 best.

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