How to Negotiate The Best Salary and Benefit Packages

Written by Roger Clark

Salary and Benefits Negotiation

One ofrepparttar most difficult aspects of job searching for many people, especially those who are just starting out or who are making a mid-career change, is actuallyrepparttar 141844 salary and benefits negotiation aspect. This is true partly because some people are just naturally uncomfortable with negotiation in general and also because they may not feel knowledgeable enough aboutrepparttar 141845 job market to be able to effectively negotiate for better pay and benefits. In other cases, certain job seekers may not feel confident enough about their talents and skills in order to attempt salary and benefits negotiation.

Forrepparttar 141846 most part, employers expect that there will be some negotiation regarding salary and benefits packages. Today, this tug of war has become somewhat of a game where both sides take pride in honing their skills. In a small number of cases, employers have absolutely no room to maneuver regardingrepparttar 141847 salary and benefits they offer and therefore negotiation will not be effective. That said, however; you will never know unless you ask and give negotiation a try.

If you are unsure how valuable your own particular skills and experience are torepparttar 141848 current job market it is worth it to takerepparttar 141849 time to perform some research. A number of job market and labor statistics are now available on-line to help you determine just exactly how valuable you are to a current or prospective employer. The figures are generally listed according to low, average and high; depending onrepparttar 141850 area ofrepparttar 141851 country in which you live andrepparttar 141852 exact amount of experience you possess.

Individuals who are a little onrepparttar 141853 shy side and feel uncomfortable with trying to negotiate for a higher salary and benefits package can work out some of their anxiety by practicing with friends and relatives. It can be quite helpful to write out a sample script ahead of time so that you can work your way through it as you take a practice run. Take a look below at one way in which a salary and benefits negotiation might be handled:

Ms. Employer: “I’m really impressed with your skills and experience. We would like to offer yourepparttar 141854 position at a starting salary of $45,000 per year.”

What to Do if You are Over 40 and Have Lost Your Job

Written by Roger Clark

Unexpectedly loosing your job can be a very traumatic and distressing experience atrepparttar best of times. If you are over 40 and can't findrepparttar 141820 job you deserve, you will need great inner strength and self belief to come out on top.

Could this be you?

You’re working at your family’s welding business duringrepparttar 141821 day, and then go to your second job at night. You’re 50-some years old, working as a cashier at Target. You always said that if you’re 40 years old and have a career that requires you to wear a name tag, then to just shoot you!

Not that there’s anything wrong with working at Target or wearing a name tag or workingrepparttar 141822 family business. Those are all honest jobs. It’s just that after 20 years with your previous company, and with your education and expertise, you hadn’t exactly planned on ramping up to your golden years asking customers if they’d like to save ten percent on their purchase by opening a store credit card.

You heard rumblings aboutrepparttar 141823 company folding. But as far as you knew,repparttar 141824 numbers were good. At least they were good. unemployed, unemployment, downsizing, out of work, job seeker, redundant, fired, sacked

Then competition took over andrepparttar 141825 owners decided it was a good time to bow out gracefully. You were hoping you weren’t going to be one ofrepparttar 141826 countless main wage earners to get let go. But sadly, you were. Unemployment ran out. You sent out literally hundreds of resumes and still nothing. Your spirits are down, you’re frustrated (that’s an understatement) and you even had to humble yourself to get some help from a local food pantry.

You’ve done allrepparttar 141827 online courses; you have tirelessly poundedrepparttar 141828 pavement and scouredrepparttar 141829 classified ads. You’ve even hit up allrepparttar 141830 online sources to jobs such as and about 800 other job boards that you regularly surf. If one more person tells you that a door closes and a window opens or that good things come to those who wait, you think you’re going to puke.

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