How to Maximize Your Fitness Results

Written by Craig LePage, CSCS, NASM-CPT

What I am about to reveal to you can make a drastic change inrepparttar out come of your fitness results. Many of us are willing to dedicate a decent number of hours each and every week to our workout plan. But quite often we do not always seerepparttar 143342 results we had hoped for. Looking atrepparttar 143343 big picture,repparttar 143344 average fitness enthusiast only has about 3 to 6 hour per week to dedicate to their workouts. In a 168 hour week 3 to 6 hours is not really a large number of hours. We can drastically increaserepparttar 143345 number of hour we are exercising by practicing what is called multitasking. Inrepparttar 143346 fitness industry combining exercise with your daily tasks is referred to as Accidental Exercise.

This type of exercise is great for those people who are very limited with their time. How many times have you waited for an elevator when you could have takenrepparttar 143347 stairs, or drove around a parking lot searching forrepparttar 143348 closest spot torepparttar 143349 door so you would not have to walk very far? I think you getrepparttar 143350 point. Implementing more accidental exercise into your daily routine can make drastic changes in your fitness results.

Here are some other accidental exercise ideas that you can implement into your day: □ Shovel snow □ Sweeprepparttar 143351 driveway □ Mowrepparttar 143352 lawn – Push Mower □ Rake leaves □ Talkrepparttar 143353 long way – walking □ Takerepparttar 143354 stairs □ Park your car far fromrepparttar 143355 door □ Walk to don’t drive □ Stand don’t sit □ Work in your garden □ Walkrepparttar 143356 dog □ Chop & stack wood □ Play an active sport (Basketball, Tennis etc.)

Benefits of Physical Activity

Written by Gary Gresham

The benefits of physical activity can help improverepparttar way you look, feel and work. The first benefit of physical activity makes you “Look Better”: It tones up your muscles. It burns calories to help lose those extra pounds or maintain your desired weight. It helps control your appetite so you eat less. The second benefit makes you “Feel Better”: It gives you more energy throughoutrepparttar 143230 day. It helps improves your self image and you feel better about yourself. It increases your resistance to fatigue so you don’t get tired as easily. It helps you relax and feel less tense. It helps you cope with stress better. It improves your ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep well. The third benefit makes you “Work Better”: It helps you to be more productive at work. It builds stamina for other physical activities. It increases muscle strength. It helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently. The secret to becoming more physically active throughoutrepparttar 143231 day is just be aware of any opportunity to get up and move around. A few examples to help you become more active are: Userepparttar 143232 stairs up and down, instead of takingrepparttar 143233 elevator when possible. Park a few blocks away from stores or work and walkrepparttar 143234 rest ofrepparttar 143235 way.

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