How to Make the French Knot

Written by Katrina Renouf

French knots arerepparttar bane of any stitcher. Many will completely avoid any pattern that calls for them while others will just suffer through them, never being satisfied withrepparttar 145340 results. There are ways to makerepparttar 145341 knot easier though. One tip that Iíve heard is to use a beading needle. Since it is so much smaller,repparttar 145342 knot wonít be pulled throughrepparttar 145343 fabric. I still recommend using two threads and wrapping it twice aroundrepparttar 145344 needle though.

Another alternative is to use a colonial knot instead. This knot is easier to do, and creates a similar result.

How to makerepparttar 145345 colonial knot: ∑ Pullrepparttar 145346 thread through torepparttar 145347 front ofrepparttar 145348 fabric. ∑ Putrepparttar 145349 thread overrepparttar 145350 needle, from front to back. Note: Holdrepparttar 145351 thread in your non-needle hand between thumb and index finger. Pushrepparttar 145352 thread to formrepparttar 145353 loop. ∑ Pullrepparttar 145354 thread underrepparttar 145355 needle, then up and overrepparttar 145356 tip ofrepparttar 145357 needle. This is critical torepparttar 145358 colonial knot. Note that this will create a figure 8. From this point,repparttar 145359 colonial knot is exactly likerepparttar 145360 French knot.

Tips For Completing A Comic Book Collection

Written by AAA-Collectables

How to Complete a Comic Book


Maybe you're collecting allrepparttar issues in a specific title because it'srepparttar 145339 coolest book you've ever read. Or maybe you just want to make your collection more valuable. Either way, you haverepparttar 145340 same steps to follow.


Steps: 1. Readrepparttar 145341 "Overstreet Price Guide" and "Wizard Magazine" monthly.

2. Findrepparttar 145342 title you're interested in and do a rough calculation as to what it will cost.

3. Shop at a local store, by catalog, online, or go to a comic book convention.

4. Preserve your comics by storing them in a safe place.

Tips: Back issues - comic books that are not currently onrepparttar 145343 sales rack - are sold in conditions ranging from "new/mint" to "very poor." The condition determinesrepparttar 145344 price. Shop around. Different booths will undercut each other, and you can regularly buy overstock of regular issues for half-off cover price or more.

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