How to Make a Great Tasting Cup of Coffee - It’s Not Rocket Science

Written by Kate Simpson

There is good coffee and absolutely abysmal coffee. Both may start withrepparttar same elements, but one cup can taste completely different to another. Freshness isrepparttar 150727 key to great tasting coffee. Here isrepparttar 150728 play by play smackdown of how to create a fantastic tasting cup of coffee.

1.Use good beans. Go to a local coffee roaster and buy only enough coffee beans to last you a week. Buying fresh beans is one key to good taste. When you buy beans make surerepparttar 150729 beans are all relativelyrepparttar 150730 same size and same color for even grinding and flavor. If you buy beans fromrepparttar 150731 supermarket at minimum, check to see ifrepparttar 150732 beans are Arabica.

2.Use filtered water. Even if your coffee maker has a charcoal filter it is best to start off with filtered water to ensure there are no impurities like chlorine or minerals to alterrepparttar 150733 real taste. Use cold water.

3.Forrepparttar 150734 best tasting coffee ensure you have a coffee maker which can brew up to 95 to 98 degrees Celsius, just offrepparttar 150735 boil. This temperature isrepparttar 150736 optimal temperature to getrepparttar 150737 best flavor out ofrepparttar 150738 bean.

4.The grind. Only grind as much coffee as you are going to need for that moment. The finer you grind,repparttar 150739 more flavor you will receive. The grind has to be even to ensure even taste. If you are using a cheap coffee maker you should only use a medium grind to avoidrepparttar 150740 over-extraction. However, grind to your equipment’s recommendations.

5.Use two level tablespoons of coffee per cup. If you are making more than 10-cups of coffee you should userepparttar 150741 strength meter on its highest position possible to allow more water to penetraterepparttar 150742 grounds evenly.

Got Licorice?

Written by Jolie Kretchman Loeb

Ever wish you could hop aboardrepparttar Good Ship Lollypop and take a candy tour aroundrepparttar 150533 world? If so, your ship has come in. Visiting The Licorice Exchange at offers a round trip ticket in adventuring an internationally beloved treat, one vine at a time.

Discovering The Licorice Exchange is kind of like learning there’s more to Italian food than Spaghetti. Whether you’re religiously red or a back in black, odds are you haven’t exploredrepparttar 150534 many layers of licorice to be had. The Licorice Exchange team is composed of a brotherhood of candy connoisseurs, poised to serve up a gourmet spread of licorice celebrated sea to sea. While maintaining sweet levity as a humble candy company, there’s an unexpected elegance with The Licorice Exchange. Something withinrepparttar 150535 presentation,repparttar 150536 service, andrepparttar 150537 product that destines this vendor to convert customers into clients and clients into consumer loyalists.

Shopping The Licorice Exchange engagesrepparttar 150538 browser in a global and palpable tour – country by country you’re invited to discoverrepparttar 150539 indigenous twist each region has to offer onrepparttar 150540 common vine.

Takerepparttar 150541 French offering of Anise Pastilles, naturally flavored white candy pearls, filled with aniseed, arriving in a vintage oval tin.

Tour Australia and sample one of my favorite twists on your everyday red, Strawberry Kookaburra,repparttar 150542 chunky tubular take-it-up-a-notch twist merging fruit andrepparttar 150543 vine. Very berry.

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