How to Make Your Homepage Flow

Written by Candice Pardue

Your website's navigation ability is extremely important to your success online. Your visitors will only turn into paying customers if your site is easy and fun to navigate.

Believe me, you want your visitors to stay as long as possible. This isrepparttar only way your site is going to succeed. Your site must be interesting, persuading, and easy to navigate.

First let me tell you a couple of misconceptions about how to design websites.

1. Many people assume that becauserepparttar 134808 internet is so "big" and covers such a vast amount of areas aroundrepparttar 134809 world, their website has to be everything to everybody. They design their website for "everybody" inrepparttar 134810 world and never have a distinct purpose. No purpose and no direction results in no sales! That's a profound statement but so true.

How many websites have you visited that had no purpose, no direction, and no real valuable information that you stayed and surfed aroundrepparttar 134811 site a while?

You click to that site only to find twenty links that are all non related torepparttar 134812 site's description nor to each other. A link torepparttar 134813 left takes you to a computer store online while a link torepparttar 134814 right takes you to a sports website. Five banners straight downrepparttar 134815 middle ofrepparttar 134816 homepage all going in five different directions. No direction or purpose whatsoever. Even if that company did offer what you were looking for, you probably would not consider that company as an expert or even trustworthy after one glance atrepparttar 134817 website, would you?

2. The second misconception is that selling onrepparttar 134818 web is different or easier than selling off line. I know from experience that sales is sales is sales. Even if your business is onrepparttar 134819 web, you still must takerepparttar 134820 same steps to gain a customer's trust as you do off line. Your product will not sell itself, just like your website will not promote itself. You must takerepparttar 134821 necessary steps to promote your site as well as give a persuading presentation oncerepparttar 134822 visitor arrives.

Now that you know a couple ofrepparttar 134823 most common misconceptions onrepparttar 134824 web, you can move forward with designing your website with these in mind. Don't worry, if you've already designed your website for "everybody", it's not too late to focus in on your sole purpose. It's far less painful to design your website with your one purpose in mind fromrepparttar 134825 beginning -- and less costly.

Below are 3 important steps you can take while designing your website to insure navigation ease for your visitors:

The Background-Table Combo

Written by Candice Pardue

Ever wondered how some websites seem to have multiple "layers" of designs?

Although some use frames and other design techniques to accomplish this look, I'm going to show you a simple way to createrepparttar look withoutrepparttar 134807 "headaches" of complicated design techniques.

You'll be glad to hear that you can create a dimensional look for your website using only two simple tools.

1. Background Images 2. Tables

Go here to view a sample web page before we begin:

How to Insert a Background Image:

When you open up a blank page in Composer, html, or any other design program, it's wise to insert your background image first - before beginning your design work.

This allows you to layrepparttar 134808 foundation forrepparttar 134809 web page fromrepparttar 134810 start, and eliminates confusion as well.

A background image can be insertedrepparttar 134811 same as any other graphic image.

In Netscape Composer, you would open a "blank" web page, click on "Insert" and then "Image".

On your image screen, you'll see a section nearrepparttar 134812 top labeled "Choose File". Here you'll selectrepparttar 134813 background image from your hard drive that you would like to use. It will probably be a ".gif" file such as bg001.gif or bg002.gif. Whatever you namedrepparttar 134814 background image on your hard drive, you'll find it, and insert it here.

Next, checkrepparttar 134815 box where it says "Use as Background". This will causerepparttar 134816 image you have selected to becomerepparttar 134817 background for your entire web page. Click "Apply" or "Okay", and your page's background should now berepparttar 134818 image you've selected.

Where Can You Get Background Images?

The background image on my sample page was free from

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