"How to Make Your Cat's Life, and YOUR Life, Happier - Training Your Cat"

Written by NS Kennedy

Imagine that you are scolding your cat for scratching at your new furniture, and Kitty is sitting staring at you. Suddenly you realize how silly you look and how futile your scolding is. So how do you train your cat to respect your home?

All cats can be trained and should have some training from their owners. You will need to train your cat to use her litter box, sharpen her claws onrepparttar scratching post instead of your couch, and to stop negative behavior when you say "no." Cats can also learn to do "tricks," andrepparttar 139357 mental stimulation of learning is good for them.

Cats learnrepparttar 139358 same way dogs and people learn; they repeat behaviors that have a pleasurable result. The best way to train your cat is to reward her when she does something right. The reward might be a small piece of a special food, or lots of praise from you in a happy, high-pitched voice.

Training to change negative behaviors requires you to catch your cat "inrepparttar 139359 act." For example, if your cat uses your stereo speakers as a scratching post, wait until she is about to put claw to fabric, then firmly say "NO." The moment she freezes and turns towards you, switch torepparttar 139360 happy voice and praise her. Move towards her to distract her away fromrepparttar 139361 inappropriate object. If she makes any movement towards you praise her even more. Timing and repetition arerepparttar 139362 keys to success here. You must catch her as she moves to act inappropriately, and praise herrepparttar 139363 exact moment she stops.

Things to remember if your cat scratches your furniture

* Understand your cat's need to scratch. * Forget punishment - it doesn't work. * Provide a suitable place for your cat to scratch such as a scratching post * Makerepparttar 139364 scratching post attractive to Kitty * Makerepparttar 139365 place she's been scratching unattractive - physical or scent related deterrents will work * Whenever possible, start cats young. * You may want to trim your cat's claws.

"Make Your Home Cat-Safe - How To Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy"

Written by NS Kennedy

* Lock things up that could cause harm * Keeprepparttar washer/dryer door closed at all times * Honkrepparttar 139356 car horn before starting it up * Use fire carefully * Keep all upstairs windows closed or screened * Store string away tidily * Keep floors free of small things * Be constantly aware of what your cat is doing

Curiosity gets most cats in trouble at some point in their lives. As your cat's caregiver, keeping her safe sometimes seems like a "mission impossible." With a little foresight and action, however, you can create a "home, safe home."

When you're trying to providerepparttar 139357 best home possible for your cat, it pays to think like her. Put on some old clothes and get down on hands and knees and take a look around. Is that shiny crystal vase onrepparttar 139358 shelf a tempting target? Remember that cats will jump onto shelves and tables.

That dangling drapery cord would be fun to leap and grab. What's in this big pot? In case you need help identifying what might catch a cat's eye, here's a list of common household items that are oftenrepparttar 139359 cause of cat injuries:

* Roach and ant traps * electric and phone cords * cigarettes in ashtrays * open doors and windows * rubber bands * housecleaning chemicals * lit candles * Christmas trees * ornaments * paperclips * rocking chairs * uncovered toilets * trash cans * human medications * chocolate * anti-freeze * unattended boiling pots * electric stove burners * plastic bags.

Cats find plants irresistible as playthings. They love to pounce on them and shred them with both their claws and teeth. Although they are carnivores -meat eaters-they sometimes eat plant material. For these reasons, it's important to make surerepparttar 139360 plants in and around your home won't pose a health risk. The following are some common house and landscape plants that are toxic to cats:

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