How to Make Unbelievable Shots Using Handgun Scopes

Written by John Voight

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How to Make Unbelievable Shots Using Handgun Scopes

When youíre talking optics, thereís a scope application for just about everyone. Many people are loyal to certain brands regardless of price while others are just looking for a great deal. No matter what your reasons, youíll have to choose based on your shooting criteria. In other words, youíll want to matchrepparttar 139273 proper scope to whatever type of shooting youíll be doing.

In this article, Iím going to focus onrepparttar 139274 subject of extended eye relief and tell you why it isrepparttar 139275 most important feature when choosing a handgun scope. A little knowledge can go a long way before making your scope selection.

But first, before I explain how it works, I want to give you a brief, ďgeneralĒ description of what Extended Eye Relief is. Some readers might be new torepparttar 139276 subject, so Iíll want to get them up to speed.

Essentially, eye relief isrepparttar 139277 distance between your eye andrepparttar 139278 rear lens (ocular lens) ofrepparttar 139279 scope whenrepparttar 139280 full field of view is visible.

Now that might seem like a very simplistic definition of what EER is, but how do you actually determine proper extended eye relief with a full field of view?

Try this. The next time you look through a scope, move your head around orrepparttar 139281 scope varying distances from your eye. Youíll begin to notice a black ring or shadow in your site picture. Whenrepparttar 139282 black ring or shadow is completely eliminated from your picture, your target should fillrepparttar 139283 entire inside diameter ofrepparttar 139284 eye piece and be completely centered withinrepparttar 139285 scope. Once you see that, youíll know you have a full field of view and youíll be able to measurerepparttar 139286 distance of eye relief.

This is critically important when choosing a handgun scope because youíll probably be holdingrepparttar 139287 scope anywhere between 5 to 30 inches away from your eye. If you donít haverepparttar 139288 proper full field of view at these distances, youíll have to adjust your shooting stance in order to accommodaterepparttar 139289 scope, something youíll want to avoid because your shooting accuracy will more than likely suffer.

Keep in mind that your goal is to makerepparttar 139290 scope work for you, notrepparttar 139291 other way around.

Something you should also know is that Extended Eye Relief changes with magnification in variable power scopes. Generally speaking,repparttar 139292 higherrepparttar 139293 magnificationrepparttar 139294 less eye relief you have. This is important for those hunters or competition shooters whose target sits at a significant distance.

When higher magnification is used,repparttar 139295 field of view narrows sometimes making it a little more difficult to acquirerepparttar 139296 target, especially ifrepparttar 139297 target is moving. The trade off is that even though there is less visual information for you to process,repparttar 139298 target is magnified byrepparttar 139299 number of times you dialed in onrepparttar 139300 scope, making it easier to see your target once itís in your field of view.

If, however, youíre going to be hunting or shooting in areas where your shots will be close and youíre not using a rest, then youíll need little magnification and a large field of view. A larger field of view will always allow for quicker target location, especially one thatís difficult to see withrepparttar 139301 unaided eye. Just make sure that you haverepparttar 139302 proper field of view as discussed earlier.

Some of you may be wondering whatrepparttar 139303 magnification numbers fromrepparttar 139304 spec. sheet actually mean.

Let me explain. Letís say you have a scope that is 2x20mm. The first number isrepparttar 139305 apparent magnification power where 2 means your target looks twice as large throughrepparttar 139306 scope as it does over iron sights. The last number, 20, isrepparttar 139307 diameter ofrepparttar 139308 front lens (also calledrepparttar 139309 objective lens) measured in millimeters. In general,repparttar 139310 largerrepparttar 139311 objective lens,repparttar 139312 more light gathering capabilities it carries and can therefore be used in lower light conditions.

Because inrepparttar 139313 above example there is no other number associated withrepparttar 139314 number 2, this tells you that this is a fixed power scope. If it were written 2-8x28mm, then this would be a variable power scope with 2 beingrepparttar 139315 lowest magnification and 8 beingrepparttar 139316 highest magnification. Again,repparttar 139317 28 representsrepparttar 139318 size ofrepparttar 139319 objective lens in millimeters.

Eat Plants While You Hike

Written by Steve Gillman

Knowing a few edible wild plants can make your next backpacking trip, or any trip intorepparttar wilderness, a lot more enjoyable.

You can pack lighter if you eat wild berries every morning for breakfast, for example, and leave your oatmeal behind. So pushrepparttar 139192 bears out ofrepparttar 139193 way and gorge yourself on blueberries. Less weight on your back always feels better.

You'll also enjoy your backpacking more when you know that you won't be completely helplessrepparttar 139194 moment you lose your pack, or a raccoon empties it for you. You don't have to be a survivalist to seerepparttar 139195 value of knowing which ofrepparttar 139196 wild plants around you can be eaten.

I eat dandelions, wild courants, pine nuts and other edible wild plants regularly. I ate hundreds of calories in wild rasberries during a break, while hiking inrepparttar 139197 Colorado Rockies. During a kayak trip on Lake Superior, a friend and I spent half a day stopping at every litle island, to fill our stomachs with wild blueberries. We were almost out of food, so our foraging helped us get throughrepparttar 139198 rest ofrepparttar 139199 trip. Edible Berries

Here are just some ofrepparttar 139200 wild berries my wife and I ate while hiking to Grinnel Glacier in Glacier National Park: Blueberries, Service Berries, Rose Hips, Blackberries, High Bush Cranberries, Strawberries, Rasberries, Thimbleberries, and Currants. Berries arerepparttar 139201 most convenient, calorie rich and nutritious ofrepparttar 139202 edible wild plants out there. They are alsorepparttar 139203 easiest to learn to identify Edible Wild Plants And Survival

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