How to Make More Money with Google AdSense

Written by Pinyo Bhulipongsanon

Like any Google AdSense Publisher, you will want to increase your Google AdSense revenue. Your AdSense revenue depends on 3 factors: (1)repparttar number of visitors to your site, (2)repparttar 131505 number of visitor that clicks onrepparttar 131506 ads (Click Through Rate, or CTR), and (3) how wellrepparttar 131507 ads pay (Cost Per Click, CPC). Get anyone of these factor to go up and you will earn more money from AdSense!

Google AdSense Revenue = Traffic x CTR x CPC

Fortunately you can control all of these variables.

Increaserepparttar 131508 your web site traffic

There are many techniques to increase your web site traffic, you can consult The Basics of Web Site Promotion for more idea. However, I will list a few techniques here:

  • Improve your search engine ranking. You can read The Importance of Top Search Engine Ranking to get an idea why. Basically, you get more traffic as your site get closer torepparttar 131509 top (of any list including search engine result page)
  • Add your site to directories. They are great way to build link popularity, as well as, get your site indexed in search engines.
  • Add your site to search engines (not needed if you already did above)
  • Advertise your site through other means
  • Etc.

Increaserepparttar 131510 Click Through Rate

There are many techniques, I will list a few here:
  • Make surerepparttar 131511 ad is relevant. Although Google does most of this (Google AdSense will show ad according torepparttar 131512 keywords on your page), you still have to optimize keywords and keyphrases onrepparttar 131513 your pages.
  • Make surerepparttar 131514 ad is visible (many people develop ad/banner blindess), so pay attention to your Google AdSense ad:

Keyword Prices Decline 3.0% in the First Quarter of 2005

Written by Tommy Maric

An analysis of web’s most popular 20,000 keywords by, found that keyword prices dropped 3.0% from January 2005 to April 2005 from an average bid price of 58.9 cents to an average bid price of 57.1 cents. The 20,000 most popular keywords are distributed in pricing as follows:

Keyword Price…# of Keywords $20.00-$49.99…20 $10.00 - $19.99…123 $5.00 - $9.99…660 $3.00 - $4.99…923 $1.00 - $2.99…3,918 $0.50 - $0.99…2,259 $0.25 - $0.49…2,115 $0.15 - $0.24…1,584 $0.10 - $0.14…2,962 $0.05 - $0.09…592

Note that there are 4,379 keywords inrepparttar Top 20,000 keywords which have either a zero price or do not have three active advertisers.

Keyword pricing is critical for internet advertisers and also webmasters as expensive keywords allow them to maximize their profits using Google’s Adsense™ program.

According to Dave Lavinsky, President of, “Withrepparttar 131503 overall decrease in keyword prices this quarter, it is important to know which keywords remain profitable. What may not seem evident is that in fact many keywords enjoyed a large appreciation in value and now we have over 800 keywords in our database that are worth $5.00 or more.”

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