How to Make Money at Home with Your Computer

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

Writers, read this article carefully, it holds opportunity for you.

In just a second I'm going to reveal to you a really easy way to make money at home. But first I want you to think about something.

What isrepparttar secret to making money at home? If it's so easy why isn't everybody working at home?

Because they don't believe it's possible. If they think of a really easy way to make money at home, they immediately start thinking up reasons why it can't possibly work. In no time at all they completely talk themselves out of it, without even giving it a try. Then they get up each day and go to work at a job they absolutely hate.

Making money at home, or anywhere else for that matter is actually quite easy, if you just followrepparttar 129806 number one rule of business, which is:

Solve a problem.

There are a multitude of problems that need to be solved every single day. If you can find a way to solve only one of those problems, you will have a successful business idea. That's if you don't talk yourself out of it.

Inrepparttar 129807 hustle and bustle ofrepparttar 129808 busy lives that we lead these days, time is getting more and more difficult to come by. I wish I could buy 3 or 4 hours a day from some ofrepparttar 129809 people that I see foolishly wasting theirs. That's right, I'd be willing to pay good money for just a few hours each day.

O.K. The wheels should be turning now.

I just presented you with a problem. Can you solve it for me? Yes you can! Of course you can not sell me time, that's impossible. But you can save me time, which is actually better.

This is my problem, and if I have this problem so do lots of other people.

I happen to know that if I write articles just likerepparttar 129810 one you are now reading, that I can drive people to my websites and some of them will send me money. Sorepparttar 129811 more articles I write and post onrepparttar 129812 internet,repparttar 129813 more visitors I get, andrepparttar 129814 more money I make. Sad as it may seem, I am motivated by money.

The only problem is I can barely find time to writerepparttar 129815 articles because my websites keep me busy filling orders, answering e-mail and taking peoples money. Not to mention allrepparttar 129816 other things in my life that consume my time. Like a full time job, and a full time family. Oh yeah, then there's that nursery inrepparttar 129817 backyard. It eats up a few hours too, but then again it makes a few thousand bucks.

10 Tips For Writing Powerful Articles

Written by Michael Pollock

Writing articles is a great method to create exposure for yourself and your Internet business. In fact, I'd suggest it'srepparttar best marketing tool you can use.

Webmasters and newsletter publishers are always looking for good content. Further, aside from your time investment, it's completely free advertising.

Here are 10 practical tips to ensure your articles get published and read by others.

1. Write to serve. Before writing an article, ask yourself what problem it will help others solve. Some ofrepparttar 129804 more common issues people deal with revolve around a lack of something, whether it's time, money, self-confidence or just joy in life. How will your article help with these issues.

2. Grab their attention early. If possible, intend to "hook" your reader right fromrepparttar 129805 get-go. Ideally, your title should berepparttar 129806 hook. When creatingrepparttar 129807 title, ask yourself if it would make you want to readrepparttar 129808 article. Your first paragraph should also serve as a hook , as well as a general introduction torepparttar 129809 article content.

3. Write to one person only. Forgetrepparttar 129810 fact your article will be read by many people and write to only one person, just like I'm doing with you now.

4. Keeprepparttar 129811 flow logical. Don't bounce around from one idea torepparttar 129812 next. Each paragraph should logically followrepparttar 129813 next. Although there may be different ideas expressed in each paragraph, they should dovetail off each other.

5. Use quotes to support your main idea. Quotes from famous people are a great method to reinforce your ideas. They help you make your point and add credibility to your overall message. I userepparttar 129814 quote library found at Motivation Mecca or Uinspire at

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