How to Make Cold Calling Work for Your Business

Written by Kevin M. Stirtz

Yes, I know most of us hate cold calling. But for many B2B businesses it can be a cost-effective way to generate quality leads. I'm not necessarily an advocate for cold calling but I am an advocate for doing what works and doing it well so you getrepparttar best return possible.

If cold calling is accepted in your industry then you should consider making it a prospecting tool. A benefit is that you connect directly with people who are likely to need or want what you offer. And, because cold calling is an active form of prospecting you can use it to fill holes in your pipeline when other lead generating methods are falling short.

So, if you decide to make cold calling part of your lead generating system, here are some ideas to do it as productively as possible.

1. Have a Lot of Leads

First, have a lot of leads. Jeff Mayer ( mentions this in his book, “Overcomingrepparttar 138360 Fear of Cold Calling” and I think he's right. The more people you have to talk with,repparttar 138361 less important any one of them will be to you. It may sound cold and crass but any one individual lead is not important to you at his stage. What's important is finding those people who want to do business with you. The disappointment of hearing a “no” from someone is a lot easier to take when you know you have a long list of other people to talk with.

2. Qualify (or Pre-Qualify) Your Leads

Before you start calling people, make sure they meet your criteria for a qualified lead. Or at least make sure they meet as many criteria as possible. Focus your calls on people who appear to have a need for what you do. Forgetrepparttar 138362 rest. Your time is valuable so don't waste it on people who don't fit your profile.

3. Persistence is Painful, Not Profitable

Speaking about not wasting time, don't waste too much time pursuing any one lead. This is another good point Jeff Mayer makes. We were talking recently about this very topic. His advice is to make no more than 2-3 calls to a cold lead and if you do not connect with them, forget them. Or, put them back atrepparttar 138363 bottom ofrepparttar 138364 list so you don't spend your precious time on people who simply are not 'reachable'. They might become reachable inrepparttar 138365 future. Or they might not. Either way, understand and accept they are not reachable right not so don't spend your precious time on them.

4. Have a Goal for Your Cold Calling Program

Maybe I should have started with this one. Before you even start your calling, know what your goal is. Are you calling to obtain or confirm information? To further qualify them? To schedule a meeting? To close a sale? Whatever your specific goals are they should be about moving your leads through your sales cycle.

5. Get Them Talking with Good Questions

We all know cold calls tend to berepparttar 138366 world's shortest phone calls. It seemsrepparttar 138367 people we call all know how to stop a salesperson dead in their tracks. (I think they take classes to learn these sales-defense techniques.)

So,repparttar 138368 key in making cold calling productive is to get pastrepparttar 138369 initial defenses raised byrepparttar 138370 prospect and get them talking. Before you start calling, have a list of questions in front of you. Make sure these questions are relevant torepparttar 138371 situation and help move you toward your goal.

6. Yes, Your Call is an Interruption. Get Over It.

Don't apologize for calling someone. Sure you're interrupting them. So what. Every thing's an interruption these days. We're all busy.

But we all have problems and issues that need solutions. Successful business people know their businesses need input, ideas, products and services from others to thrive. No person or business is an island. So if you have pre-qualified your leads and you're calling them with a legitimate product or solution they could use then don't apologize. You're presenting something of value. You're doing them a favor by calling.

7. Don't Waste Time

Ifrepparttar 138372 person you're calling says they're not interested right now, don't waste your time or theirs trying to “overcome their objection.” I know we are taught to push throughrepparttar 138373 first couple of objections to get a close but that tactic is best left for a face to face meeting. On a cold phone call it's okay for them to say “no” because they probably do not have a need or interest right now. Orrepparttar 138374 timing is not right. Or they simply do not know you well enough to say “yes”. And that's okay.

However if you can get a person talking about their business as it relates to your product or service, you stand a better chance of breaking through their defenses and getting them to commit to a meeting or whateverrepparttar 138375 next step is in your sales cycle. (See “Get Them Talking with Good Questions” above.)

Do You Have The Most Desirable Selling "Mindset"

Written by Jim Meisenheimer

If your mind is set, you will be unable to change your mindset. For example Christopher Columbus . . .

He was born in 1451 in Genoa,repparttar son of a wool merchant and weaver. Do you recall whatrepparttar 138359 conventional thinking or "Mindset" was aboutrepparttar 138360 shape ofrepparttar 138361 globe at that time? It was believed to be flat. Not too many sailors sailed too far from shore fearingrepparttar 138362 worst. Columbus' mind was set. It was set for taking risks and exploring new worlds.

Columbus discoveredrepparttar 138363 New World on October 12, 1492 at 2:00 a.m. He changed his Mindset and we're still celebrating his courage, boldness, and discoveries.

How you think is everything. For example - where arerepparttar 138364 obvious places to look for new prospects forrepparttar 138365 products and services you sell? Make a list and go ask one of your competitors to dorepparttar 138366 same thing. Now compare lists. Hello - exactlyrepparttar 138367 same. Surprise - surprise!

Now make another list and don't tell your competition about this one. Make a list of allrepparttar 138368 un-obvious places you can go to find qualified prospects. Remember this is an un-obvious list and it requires a new and different mindset. It ain't easy but it is good. It isn't quick but it can be profitable for you. But first, you gotta removerepparttar 138369 shackles on your conventional thinking.

You'll get what you expect - so always expectrepparttar 138370 best to happen to you. Always be positive and expectrepparttar 138371 best. Only one person hasrepparttar 138372 keys to your thoughts - you. Put a lid on all negative thinking. If it's negative it's usually related to a past experience.

There are three houses you can choose to live in past, present, and future. You can toss awayrepparttar 138373 keys torepparttar 138374 past and future houses. You can't live there so there's no reason for you to spend any time thinking about them.

Put all your energy inrepparttar 138375 house called "Present or Today." When you wake up inrepparttar 138376 morning and don't see your name inrepparttar 138377 obituary column, consider yourself lucky and do everything to make today a "Masterpiece."

Expectrepparttar 138378 best in these situations:

1. You're calling on your competitor's best customer. Expect them to be receptive to your new ideas. Expect them to give you 1% ofrepparttar 138379 business because they're willing to see if you can earn even more.

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