How to Make Camping Shoot-the-Chute

Written by Daivd Z


A "Shoot-the-Chute" is great fun and one should be built in every camp visit and "Swimming Hole." The one described below has stoodrepparttar test of several years in many different camp sites.

The plan drawn is for a chute 40 feet long, 3 feet wide and 18 feet high. These dimensions can be changed in length and height, but not in width.

The chute is built of 7/8-inch matched pine boards, torepparttar 148677 same width as sheet zinc, usually 3 feet;repparttar 148678 boards being firmly cleated together onrepparttar 148679 under side by 2 x 6-inch cleats 5 feet apart, throughoutrepparttar 148680 length ofrepparttar 148681 chute.

Boards should be screwed torepparttar 148682 cleats fromrepparttar 148683 face ofrepparttar 148684 chute with 1-1/2-inch screws,repparttar 148685 heads being counter sunk.

The several lengths of zinc are soldered into one piece,repparttar 148686 joints being onrepparttar 148687 under side (as shingles on a roof) fastened torepparttar 148688 boards with 8-oz. tacks; set in fromrepparttar 148689 edge about 1 inch and about 6 inches apart.

The side strips of maple (soft wood will not do on account ofrepparttar 148690 danger of splintering) 2 inches wide and 3 inches high, rounded slightly on upper edge, are placed directly overrepparttar 148691 edge ofrepparttar 148692 zinc and coveringrepparttar 148693 tacks.

The New Twist Ending to The Children's Story "Don't Go In."

Written by Laura Hickey -

“They can’t do that!” protest Shawn. “Maybe they can,” his mother spoke. “And you only had one week of summer left.” “Mother, are you kidding me!” blurted Tina. “One more week of freedom is a huge amount!” “Then I guess something will have to be done if kids don’t learn how to stop terrifyingrepparttar town. I’m going to go cook dinner.” Their mother leftrepparttar 148623 room. “Shawn, this is all my fault,” she spoke once her mother leftrepparttar 148624 living room. “Not really. It’s not like you knew there was a monster.” “Yeah but still. I can’t believe that kids are this hyper. It’s like they can’t control themselves.” Shawn pondered that thought over dinner as they walked downstairs and sat atrepparttar 148625 dinner table. He raked his mashed potatoes with his folk and didn’t touchrepparttar 148626 chicken. Only moments later he didn’t want food. “I’m not really hungry. Can I go up to my room?” he asked. His mother nodded. He sat onrepparttar 148627 edge ofrepparttar 148628 bed and flippedrepparttar 148629 TV on. "In local news store owners are outraged at what appears to be children on a rampage. Parents are urged to watch their children's sugar intake duringrepparttar 148630 summer season." "Mom!" yelled Shawn. His mother came into his room. "Honey, you're suppose to be resting, not watching TV." "But Mom! There's a local report onrepparttar 148631 TV about kids going crazy just like Tina said!" "I already told you, it's from all that chocolate. Lord knows how you managed to afford all that." Shawn knew that wasn't it. The monster was in all of them. Some more than others. Shawn knew what he had to do, he just hope he wouldn't get caught. Later that night... "Shawn, this is crazy. What if Mom finds out we sneak out at night?" "We'll have to take that chance. Everyone ate that chocolate hasrepparttar 148632 monster in them andrepparttar 148633 monster only comes out at night." "So that means what?" asked Tina. "We've got to removerepparttar 148634 monster from within." "How do we do that?" she asked. "We fry them!" "And you thought I was insane!" bellowed Tina. "We can't fry kids, that's crazy!" "We have to melt it out of them. Andrepparttar 148635 only way we can do that is if we get them inrepparttar 148636 sun!" "And then what?" she asked. "It'll melt out of them. Man, for beingrepparttar 148637 older one you don't really pay attention!" "This is too much!" she exclaimed. "Don't worry about it Sis! You just help me rally everyone up. Tomorrow it's going to solverepparttar 148638 town's craziness!" Tina had major doubts, but she wasn't going to allow her brother to go alone. The next morning Tina and Shawn got up atrepparttar 148639 crack of down. Carefully they crept past their mother's bedroom and downrepparttar 148640 stairs. A smirk spread across Shawn's face as he sawrepparttar 148641 sun gleam off little pieces of Mica onrepparttar 148642 ground. "I'm just helping you 'cause you're my brother. This is your deal now. And forrepparttar 148643 record I still think you're nuts!" "I'm gonna berepparttar 148644 hero!" he proclaimed. "Whatever," she replied. They started to walk downtown where they find allrepparttar 148645 ones who aterepparttar 148646 chocolate going crazy. Like a wild pack of animals going after a piece of meat. Dumping flowers offrepparttar 148647 stands atrepparttar 148648 local flower show. Others takingrepparttar 148649 water hose

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