How to Make Better Use of Web Site Page Titles and META Data

Written by Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

We got down torepparttar basics with web site page titles and META data as part of a new study on how manufacturers use natural search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses of all types could benefit fromrepparttar 140867 following case studies that show how poor titles and META data can be improved from an SEO perspective.

Case Studies: Ineffective Optimization

We selected 10 ofrepparttar 140868 web sites (among 350 we studied) that scoredrepparttar 140869 worst in terms of search engine optimization. Here’s a closer look at what they may be doing wrong on their home pages (company names are removed).

Case Study No. 1 Business Name
Keywords, Keywords, Keywords... Blah Blah Blah... establishing an internet presence is said to be all about controlingrepparttar hot keywords. Butrepparttar 140625 fact ofrepparttar 140626 matter is that establishing your company as an industry leader is much more important.

I did a little research onrepparttar 140627 keywords used by large companies and found that keywords were really secondary to having a great brand identity. uses a total of 3 key words, Saddleback Church uses just 2. Can you guess what they are?

Building a great business and letting people know about it through traditional methods can drive business to your site and is far more cost effective than pay per click. Pay per click is like having a store on Main Street and being charged for everyone who looks inrepparttar 140628 window of your shop. Would you let a city do that? What ifrepparttar 140629 newspapers charged you for everyone who read your ad inrepparttar 140630 paper whether they purchased from you or not?

Focus on developing your business reputation and customer service, tell everyone you meet to check out your website, then give them services onrepparttar 140631 site that are useful, entertaining, interesting and are updated frequently.

Why do you have a website? Internet customers are great but they are tremendously fickle. Not only that most are just surfers. What if you owned a business in a mall andrepparttar 140632 mall charged you for everyone who entered your store would you bid against a similar store inrepparttar 140633 mall to be charged a higher price for every person who walked by your window?

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