How to Lower Cholesterol for Children? … New Exclusive Info…

Written by Bo Jeune-Fille

"Autopsy studies have revealed that many signs of atherosclerosis including scarring are now found inrepparttar arterial walls ofrepparttar 141353 babies in this country; that byrepparttar 141354 age of ten, half children have coronary arterial lesions; and that 100 percent of them have mild atherosclerosis byrepparttar 141355 age 15."

How this can be? Your Diet during your pregnancy is very important for your unborn child. And if you are breastfeeding… your breast milk can have high fat/hormone content, partially reflecting your diet.

The truth is brutal I must admit, which is even more compelling to face this problem today, before it is too late for them.

Cholesterol Victims… looks like millions of Children are neglected, but inrepparttar 141356 reality… they are not neglected at all. You see toady's Children with High Cholesterol are tomorrows CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) patients for life in most cases, and are facing higher risk of atherosclerosis early in life. Sick children are creating a new business forrepparttar 141357 'Health Industry' for years to come.

But why? Food Industry created this problem and there is no way out. As Donald Trump is saying: "It is nothing personal… It is business." And forrepparttar 141358 Food Industry it is an easy business to market

junk food to children. Inrepparttar 141359 end… we all are victims.

Often high Cholesterol is ignored because there are no visible symptoms. American children are overweight, and often their Cholesterol is high. When I looked underrepparttar 141360 microscoperepparttar 141361 blood simple of 13-year-old boy – it was as thick as car oil.

"Single Parenting: How The Challenge Of Single Parenting Affects Your Decision To Divorce."

Written by Karl Augustine

Single parenting has seemingly become an acceptable norm which is unfortunate. According torepparttar US Census Bureau, there were over 20 million single parents inrepparttar 141313 United States inrepparttar 141314 year 2000. That's a staggering statistic, certainlyrepparttar 141315 worldwide number of people who are challenged with single parenting is exponentially higher.

When making a divorce decision and you have children, its natural to wonder aboutrepparttar 141316 challenges of single parenting and how it will affect your children. You may have seen other people struggle with single parenting or thought aboutrepparttar 141317 strain single parenting would seemingly put on you and your children.

Single Parenting Is Easier If You Know Yourself.

When deciding about getting a divorce and thinking about how single parenting figures in, make sure that you know yourself. Ask yourself if you're really ready to get divorced and if you can overcomerepparttar 141318 fear or challenge of single parenting. Don't be hasty with your decision, who knows? Maybe your marriage can be saved! Then again, maybe not.

Know yourself...know whether or not you're thinking of single parenting solely to take something away from your spouse...clearly a selfish and useless reason to be a single parent. Know whether or not you can adequately be a single parent based on your inner strength, work ethic, tendencies towards being overly busy, etc.

Single parenting is tough, what you may be able to take for granted as a married person will be gone if you're thinking of trying single parenting. Chances are if you're thinking of trying single parenting, you won't have much time at all for essence, your 'self' will be all about your children. Know whether you're really ready for this...after all your children deserverepparttar 141319 best care possible!

Single Parenting Is Easier If You Know Your Children. Yes, you have to really know your have to know how they'll respond to a plethora of changes if you're going to try single parenting. How will they respond to not seeing your spouse - Mom or Dad - as often? How will your children react to having to be dropped off at your ex-spouses house for visitation? How willrepparttar 141320 children feel about potentially not enjoyingrepparttar 141321 same luxuries or attention that they may have had previously? Of course, there's more questions to ask to fit your particular situation...keep your children's best interest at heart.

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