How to Kick Start your Website Traffic

Written by Anil Khatri

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Traffic isrepparttar 125058 oxygen of any website. The internet would cease to exist without any traffic. Your website may haverepparttar 125059 best content, but without traffic it is as good as dead. No purpose is solved in having a website which does not have traffic.

There are many ways and means to get traffic to your website. They range from search engines to classified ads to reciprocal linking to opt-in emails to ezines and so on. Some ways are better than others. Different methods work for different websites.

The world of traffic has been seeing a different trend inrepparttar 125060 recent times, and that is of guaranteed hits systems. Though a few such systems were around much earlier, it is inrepparttar 125061 recent times thatrepparttar 125062 fashion has caught on and several such networks have sprung up.

What are these guaranteed hits systems and what can they do for you? The underlying principle in these systems is similar to a banner exchange, though in a banner exchange you exchange banner impressions, here you exchange complete pageviews of your website.

Basically there are three types of such systems:

(1) PopUnder/PopOver/Exit/Entry: The most popular exchange systems in this category are popunder and exit.

This is how it works. Upon signing up, you are given a special code which you need to install into one or more pages of your website.

For a popunder system, when a visitor enters your website, a window opens inrepparttar 125063 background (popunder window) which displays some other member's url.

For a exit system, a window opens when your visitor leaves your website (exit window) and this window displays some other member's url.

What happens here is you have 'shown' someone else's url and later someone else will 'show' your url.

Newsletters- A Win/Win Marketing Tool

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

Writing an e-zine or newsletter can be a lot of fun. If you are a writer, then compiling articles and information is just part of your day’s work. If you are not a writer, there are numerous lists to subscribe to where you can get top-quality articles on a variety of subject matter.

Either way, newsletters are a great way to keep visitors to your site interested and giving them a reason to return and revisit. Keeping material current and new adds appeal and gives themrepparttar incentive to click back to your site and get even further information. Knowledgeable facts, offers, tips, or whatever your site is geared to, you can get people to enjoy visiting and keep returning to find out more about your product, or service through subscribing to your e-zine. How often should you publish a newsletter ? Waiting one month would be way too long and preparing one daily can become tiresome and a chore. It would probably take you away from other vital affairs and even your family and personal life may suffer. Remember - you’re working from home so you could enjoy and experience both worlds!

Striking a happy medium is a safe way to make sure that subscribers find enough inspiration and information with each issue so that they click back and revisit. New material on your site, as well, will let newcomers be delighted and give you their name and e-mail address in return. If you still have Christmas stories and articles inrepparttar 125056 middle of July, then you better be promoting a Christmas in July sale. If not, bring your site up to date and make it a great image for whatever you are marketing. Promote it even further with an e-zine and give your readers more value for their time and effort. If it is a personal site, then your family, friends, and neighbors deserve up torepparttar 125057 minute happenings and not what happened last year. They probably are fully aware of allrepparttar 125058 details and are now seeking fresh insight intorepparttar 125059 activities of everyone else involved.

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