How to Kick Start Your Mentor Program and Stop the Bullies

Written by Paula McCoach, School Counselor

Kick Start Your Mentor Program to Stoprepparttar Bullying by Paula McCoach, School Counselor

Whining about bullying and how rottenrepparttar 109309 bullies were andrepparttar 109310 poor students that they bullied used to be one of my regular activities. "We have to do something to help these kids" bothrepparttar 109311 bullies and their victims," I would whine. But for years, I just talked to these kids and sent them on their way. After I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of talking about this - I did do something! I started a mentor program for these students!

Behavior referrals, grades, social problems, and poor achievement were our starting criteria for being inrepparttar 109312 program. Almost every staff member inrepparttar 109313 building had 2-3 mentees - everyone fromrepparttar 109314 administration, teachers, and counselors torepparttar 109315 educational assistants, cafeteria workers and custodians. Over 150 students were in that mentor program which began in 1998.

Each mentor was given a mentor folder with a permission slip, a brochure aboutrepparttar 109316 program, a profile sheet, and tips on being a mentor, a pencil and a "Welcome Back to School"card. The profile sheet identified their mentees, homeroom teacher, grade, birthday, and area of concern. Also included inrepparttar 109317 packet was a birthday card and pencil forrepparttar 109318 mentor to give their mentees.

Giving gifts was left of torepparttar 109319 discretion ofrepparttar 109320 mentor. Some mentees came to expect gifts andrepparttar 109321 purpose ofrepparttar 109322 mentor relationship was diminished. The kids came to expect them and thought that they were ‘entitled' to getting things fromrepparttar 109323 mentor. I had students asking me to be inrepparttar 109324 mentor program because they wanted to get stuff.

We really learned that first year to reinforce thatrepparttar 109325 mentor program was about improving behavior and grades to be more successful in school - and we had to keep tellingrepparttar 109326 kids that too!

As all of you know, people who work in a school are super busy, and we found that having even just 2 mentees was too much. It was difficult to developrepparttar 109327 relationship and effect change becauserepparttar 109328 mentors were stretched too thin. So inrepparttar 109329 years to come, and we are in our 7th year ofrepparttar 109330 mentor program, we have assigned everyone only 1 mentee.

How to Make a Tantalizing Chili

Written by Paula McCoach

How to Make Tantalizing White Lightening Chili by Paula McCoach, "Seasoned" Chili Cook

Chili cooks always want to discover that award-winning chili recipe that will be tantalizing for their family and friends and maybe even impress a few chili contest judges. Wouldn't it be exciting to UNLEASH your chili and rock your family and friends' worlds, save money and have a great time preparing it? In my interviews with outstanding chili cooks, I have developed some tantalizing chili recipes that are easy, time and money saving and make your body tingle fromrepparttar first taste right down to your toes.

The secret ingredient isrepparttar 109308 key to this tantalizinging recipe. This secret "gourmet" final touches sets this chili apart fromrepparttar 109309 rest. Actually, it is so sensational that it makes this easy and timesaving chili unbelievably flavorful.

Finding a recipe that uses your local grocery store ingredients is another time and money saving benefit of this chili. There are no fancy ingredients that you have to go to a specialty shop to buy. So, you can getrepparttar 109310 ingredients during one of your weekly food shopping trips.

This recipe produces a sultry chili that your family and friends will think came from a high-class restaurant.

Try this recipe and send us your comments and suggestions.

Ingredients 3 lbs. of pork, chicken or turkey 2-4 cloves of garlic to taste 1 large chopped onion 1-2 tablespoons of cumin 1 large bell pepper - green, yellow or red 4-6 16 oz. cans of your favorite white bean 1-3 finely chopped jalapeno peppers

Forrepparttar 109311 secret ingredients that make this chili so tantalizing, Send an email to

If using pork, use a pork shoulder and cook about 2 - 3 hours until you can pull it. With chicken or turkey, cook it for about 1 hours in an inch of water at 350 degrees in a large covered roasting pan with a good lid to hold inrepparttar 109312 steam.

Use chicken or turkey breasts withrepparttar 109313 skin and bone for repparttar 109314 extra flavor. Not necessary to use boneless breasts because more flavor is available withrepparttar 109315 skin and bone and it is more economical too.

Ifrepparttar 109316 chicken does not pull apart at 1 hours, cook an additional 15 minutes until it does pull apart. With chicken or turkey, before you addrepparttar 109317 following ingredients, pull outrepparttar 109318 bones and unwanted gristle, etc. Onlyrepparttar 109319 meat is used inrepparttar 109320 chili.

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