How to Keep your Relationships Strong

Written by Johann Erickson

What isrepparttar secret of keeping your relationship going through thick and thin? Divorce was once a problem that was not heard of before many of us were born, and today, you can find some couples that have been married for 50 years or more. But, what is it that they have and had inrepparttar 137958 past that kept their relationships strong?

Too many couples run head long into a relationship head over heels in love only to hit a brick wall in a few months when their normal and every day life takes charge. You hear many couples say comments such as “He doesn’t listen”, “She is constantly nagging” and many other derogatory remarks aboutrepparttar 137959 love of their life.

The number one reason marriages do not last or even any relationship for that matter is lack of respect for one another. All ofrepparttar 137960 remarks that we tell others about our spouse or lover should not be demeaning. We all have opinions and there are two sides to every story. You may say he is not listening, but when are you trying to talk with him? And are you trying to talk with him or at him? Maybe she is nagging, but have you been listening?

Communication is very important and when you communicate you will each learn to respect one another. Do not try to talk with your husband when he is busy readingrepparttar 137961 paper or watching television. Do not nag. If she is constantly asking you to do something for her and you never get around to it, she will begin to think that you are not listening to her. What maybe important to her, may not be as important to you. Talk with your wife and give her a specific time where you both can sit down and talk about why you forgot. You both should set a time each day to talk with one another about your day and anything that is on your mind. This way you both will be listening to one another and there will not be any nagging. Remember, respecting each other also means giving themrepparttar 137962 time to be alone, do things they enjoy without being nagged or degraded for activities they enjoy.

Squeeze To Relax!

Written by Tim Webb

This heading may seem like a contradiction in terms. How on earth is squeezing anything going to allow for relaxation to occur? Surely it will generate more tension, won’t it?

Well, not necessarily. Indeed, combined with focused breathing it is a great tool to alleviate stress and will help those stubborn tense muscles to let go!

It is a common affliction for many people to have unnecessary muscular tension throughout their bodies and this becomesrepparttar norm. Hectic lifestyles and sedentary jobs all contribute towards tension inrepparttar 137957 body as well as bad posture.

This beingrepparttar 137958 case it may sound ludicrous to suggest creating more tension by squeezing. However, it is by initially squeezing that a wonderful physical contrast is created leavingrepparttar 137959 body feeling more tranquil. Also, once you have experiencedrepparttar 137960 difference it will also encourage you to consciously become less tense and to use less energy when going about everyday tasks.

Below are some simple instructions that can be instantly used to experience how squeezing muscles and breathing in a specific way can help tension to subside!

1. Sit or stand comfortable.

2. Inhale and squeeze a muscle group.

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