How to Keep your Marketing Strategy and Sales on Course

Written by Charlie Cook

When a company announces that they’ve lost a billion dollars inrepparttar first three months ofrepparttar 149425 year, as General Motors did two months ago, it is a good indication that they are way, way off course. While Ford and Daimler/Chrysler weren't inrepparttar 149426 hole for a billion dollars, their profits were down by 50% or more forrepparttar 149427 quarter. Their cars just aren't selling.

Why are these companies having such a hard time selling their products and what does it have to do with your marketing?

According to Wharton management professor John Paul MacDuffie, these companies, "don’t tend to be good learning organizations which is something Toyota and Honda are superb at." And inrepparttar 149428 New York Times, "General Motors and Ford have swerved off course for a far more basic reason: not enough people like their cars."

All three companies have lost sight ofrepparttar 149429 most important aspect of their business and their marketing; what their prospective customers want and need. Focused on shareholder profits, they've lost their vision of what their prospects are looking for.

There are two ways of thinking about making more money. You can ask yourself,

A. How can I maximize my profits?

Or you can ask yourself, B. How can I give my customers what they want and need and maximize my profits?

Are you putting profits before prospects?

Whether you're running a one-person firm or a hundred-person company, your compass should point to what prospects want and need. This isrepparttar 149430 direction to long-term success; your customers haverepparttar 149431 information you need to develop your products and services and map out your marketing strategy.

Help your clients get what they want and need, and they'll buy your products or services again and again and tell all their friends to dorepparttar 149432 same.

Do you know what your prospects want and need?

Here's how to keep your business and your marketing pointed to profits:

1. Constantly Collect Information You don't need to hire a marketing research firm and spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn what your prospects want. Yes, third party research can provide one more way of listening to what people want, but you can use many low- and no-cost ways of collecting information.

Use every prospect and client contact to find out more about what they want and need. Every time a prospect or client talks to you onrepparttar 149433 phone or visits your web site, userepparttar 149434 opportunity to prompt them to tell you more about their needs. Get people to respond to your postcard, letter or your web site copy by offering them a free report in return for their input.

Top 6 ways to promote your web hosting business Part 2

Written by Ispas Marin

Here arerepparttar following three methods that can help you improve your web hosting business. These three are targeted towardsrepparttar 149350 service you provide:

1.By offering some kind of special offers you can literally see your traffic soar. You can make a special offer reducingrepparttar 149351 price ofrepparttar 149352 bandwidth to half, ifrepparttar 149353 price for 100 Mb would be $10 you could make a special offer to $5. This wayrepparttar 149354 customer would save $5 and this is a thing a lot of people are interested in.

For a good profit special rules might need to be applied, like an offer being available for monthly payments only. This might not be a good idea since some potential customers might stay away because they want to prepay for a longer period.

This method might not be good for you but it's good forrepparttar 149355 customers and if you will allowrepparttar 149356 customers to pay in advance that will bring in more customers.

2. Offer Huge Discounts. Offering discounts is just likerepparttar 149357 special offers,repparttar 149358 customer saves money by ordering a package that has a discount on it, like save 30% if you purchaserepparttar 149359 hosting for 6 months. Offering bigger discounts will give send you more customers.

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