How to Interview Your Way To Ebook Success

Written by Bonnie Lowe

Most “create-your-own-ebook” advice tells us to write about something we know or are interested in. That’s a good place to start, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. And if you followrepparttar advice of successful Internet marketers – “findrepparttar 108411 market first, then develop your product” – it might not even be possible. For example, what if your market research tells you that an ebook about teaching ferrets to do tricks would be profitable, but you’ve never seen a ferret in your life?

The answer? Research. And part of that research can include interviews. If your initial research turns uprepparttar 108412 name of a noted ferret expert, for instance, an easy way to incorporate that person’s expertise and knowledge into your ebook is to interview him.

Here’s a step-by-step process for conducting effective interviews:

1. Decide WHO to interview. Make surerepparttar 108413 person truly is an expert inrepparttar 108414 field and knows what he’s talking about. Contact him (preferably by phone) to see if he’s willing to do an interview. Let him know you’ll providerepparttar 108415 questions in advance. Negotiate a deal that he’s agreeable with. Some will do interviews for free as long as you mention their name in your ebook. Some will expect to be paid a fee. Some will be want rights to sellrepparttar 108416 ebook you create. If you are unwilling or unable to provide whatrepparttar 108417 expert wants, find another expert.

2. Determinerepparttar 108418 FOCUS ofrepparttar 108419 interview. In our example, we’re interested in writing an ebook about teaching ferrets to do tricks, so we don’t care about their mating habits orrepparttar 108420 quality of their fur.

3. Once your focus is clearly defined, create your list of interview QUESTIONS. Keep your target audience in mind… what do THEY need to know? What answers are needed in your ebook to providerepparttar 108421 readers withrepparttar 108422 information they’re looking for? In our example, our readers would probably want to knowrepparttar 108423 best motivator for ferrets… is it food, petting, play, verbal praise? Put yourself in your readers’ shoes: if YOU wanted to know how to teach a ferret tricks, what questions would you ask of a ferret expert?

4. Determinerepparttar 108424 best METHOD forrepparttar 108425 interview. Interviews can be done in person, onrepparttar 108426 phone, or even via email. All are effective. Userepparttar 108427 method your expert prefers.

5. SCHEDULErepparttar 108428 interview. Makerepparttar 108429 time (and possiblyrepparttar 108430 place, if doing this in person) convenient to your expert.

6. SEND your questions to your expert in advance ofrepparttar 108431 actual interview. (Of course ifrepparttar 108432 “interview” is being done via email, this isn’t necessary.) But be sure to let them know that other questions may arise duringrepparttar 108433 interview. This allows you to gain two types of information from your interview:repparttar 108434 prepared, carefully thought-out answers you need, ANDrepparttar 108435 spontaneous, off-the-cuff remarks that will spice up your copy. If your expert balks atrepparttar 108436 idea of unknown questions, assure him that he will have final approval on his comments that are included in your ebook. Spontaneous questions are also possible with email interviews. Once you receive backrepparttar 108437 answers torepparttar 108438 questions, read them over and think of a follow-up question or two… then CALLrepparttar 108439 expert and ask for clarification. NOTE: If doing interviews via email, always give them a deadline to reply back to you.

The Magic of Article Syndication

Written by Brian Holte

Whatsrepparttar deal with promoting your ebook using article syndication anyways?

Maybe your having a hard time generating traffic for your ebook related site?

Are traffic exchanges bringing in traffic but causing your conversion rates to be lower than they should be?

How many of you rely on search engine traffic to bring you business?

You’ve put in many long hours to get your ebook site to be as search engine friendly as possible.

The free targted traffic your getting fromrepparttar 108410 search engines is impressive, than one day you wake up, check your stats and notice a dramatic decrease in hits.

Oh, oh, you've been dropped by Google

You place your hands on your face and ask yourself;

“What am I going to do, 70% of my traffic is gone?”

Have you ever thought of creating a back-up traffic system just in case for some freak reason your ebook site got dropped fromrepparttar 108411 search engines?

It’s been well documented thatrepparttar 108412 majority of your traffic comes fromrepparttar 108413 search engines

Have you ever thought ofrepparttar 108414 benefits that article syndication could bring to your ebook?

If you’ve found your niche market and it’s grown to be a passionate subject for you, you should have no problem in publishing compelling articles.

It’s very rewarding whenrepparttar 108415 time comes and you see your name in print,repparttar 108416 feeling (for me anyways) was pretty cool.

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