How to Insert a Vertical Divider Line into Your Web

Written by Candice Pardue

Unlike creating a horizontal vertical line by inserting an
tag, a simple html code is not available to insert a vertical divider line into your web page.

However, there are two simple ways to insert a vertical divider line...

1. Create a "Graphic" Vertical Divider Line

You may insert a graphic image (.gif) as your divider line and align it next to your paragraph. Although you'll be forced to use this method if you need a divider line that has an odd shape or color, this is notrepparttar most efficient method.

By using a graphic as a divider line, you'll riskrepparttar 134806 graphic line not being lined up correctly when others view your web pages. Also, it could slow loading time for your web page.

This method should only be used if necessary.

2. Create a "Thin" Table to Divide Your Columns

If you simply want a line to divide your web page sections,repparttar 134807 best way to do so is using a table.

Simply create a table between your sections (you may have three columns withrepparttar 134808 middle column becomingrepparttar 134809 divider line.)

You can makerepparttar 134810 column as small as "1 pixel or percent of table" wide, or larger if needed.

Also, you can select different colors for this table to match your web page colors.

This is an easy way to create a divider line, and will not hinder visitors and page loading time.

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Written by Chris Small

It's easy, just design and engineer your main page in such a fashion that people will click beyond it intorepparttar rest of your site.

If you are like a lot of webmasters you're losing a significant number of visitors as soon as they get to your front door . The Main Page on any site isrepparttar 134805 doorway torepparttar 134806 rest ofrepparttar 134807 content of that particular site. But,repparttar 134808 BIG question is ....will repparttar 134809 door open? Willrepparttar 134810 visitor turnrepparttar 134811 knob and push through repparttar 134812 main page to see what's really in there?

We faced this situation recently. We had what was a very pretty web page. That's not just our opinion, many visitors commented very positively onrepparttar 134813 look ofrepparttar 134814 main page. Some even went as far as to copyrepparttar 134815 design completely and place it on their own page (but that's another story). The problem was that a good percentage ofrepparttar 134816 visitors never went beyondrepparttar 134817 main page. Something had to be done, and done fast.

Following is what we did to dramatically changerepparttar 134818 click through rate on our site pages. After implementing these changes we saw a 200% - 300% increase in our internal traffic.

1) Tighten up onrepparttar 134819 load time.

The graphics files got reduced and used more efficiently. Some of repparttar 134820 nonessential copy got turfed too. We also took out virtually all outside links fromrepparttar 134821 main page. The result is a sleeker looking page that is more efficient in deliveringrepparttar 134822 message aboutrepparttar 134823 rest ofrepparttar 134824 site.

2) Ease of Navigation.

Allrepparttar 134825 main category pages are clearly listed onrepparttar 134826 sidebar. Each category page is a site unto itself with it's own navigation features andrepparttar 134827 links to allrepparttar 134828 other site categories are still listed onrepparttar 134829 sidebar. This repeated but tasteful use ofrepparttar 134830 same links and graphics on every page greatly increasesrepparttar 134831 load time on subsequent page views.

3) High Value Perception.

The top 4 links at our site judiciously userepparttar 134832 words; Traffic, Free, & Special. These words are proven to draw interest and attract attention. The second part of this though is to actually deliverrepparttar 134833 value. Nothing will turn people off faster than a phony. If you promise a FREE Report, then you'd better deliver it. This leads us to another point.

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