How to Improve your Life Every day

Written by Barbara White

Would you like to become a better person? If I did a survey asking people this question, I'm sure I would receive 100% response YES!!!!

" Who started today deciding on one thing they were going to be aware of and work on today to make them a better person?"

I asked this question recently to a room full of people and only one person said YES!!

Many of us have desires and aspirations that we would like to see fulfilled in our lives, but are not actively taking action to make those things happen . It can be difficult to relate what happens inrepparttar present torepparttar 139281 results we would like to see inrepparttar 139282 future. Howeverrepparttar 139283 future is prepared for today, byrepparttar 139284 choices we make andrepparttar 139285 way we invest our time and energy.

Most people want to berepparttar 139286 best they can be, but get discouraged because it seems such a huge mountain to get there. We live close to Burnaby Mountain, and often takerepparttar 139287 dogs for a walk there. There’s a really pleasant trail nearrepparttar 139288 bottom, shaded by trees, alongrepparttar 139289 bank of a stream However when it is time to walk home uprepparttar 139290 steep hillrepparttar 139291 prospect seems daunting. I can never walk up it without pausing for a break somewhere. Atrepparttar 139292 steepest part ofrepparttar 139293 hill every step seems a huge effort, and I eventually stop to get my breath. When I look back however, it is amazing to realize how far I've come. My whole perspective changes.The process of walking is automatic normally. When we walk, our mind focuses on other things unlessrepparttar 139294 going gets tough. We make progress but it is not a conscious process. That is because walking has become a natural habit for us. This is also true of life andrepparttar 139295 skills we learn. The mechanics of driving a vehicle become second nature, asrepparttar 139296 skills become so well practiced and familiar that we do not conscious think through each action. It becomes almost instinctive, as natural to us as breathing.

To consistently grow towards becoming better in our lives we need to create new habits that will move us there. At first implementing a new behaviour, thought pattern, or action into our lifestyle is a very conscious act. It's like walking uprepparttar 139297 steepest part ofrepparttar 139298 mountain. However that is only inrepparttar 139299 beginning stages. It only takes thirty days to form a new habit. then, that positive habit in our life becomes more a natural part of us. It moves torepparttar 139300 more subconscious part of our life.

Pat Riley said "Excellence isrepparttar 139301 gradual result of always striving to do better."

The Making Money Obsession - Discover The Real Truth

Written by Hamad Kadmany

I have proudly announced torepparttar world once: “I’m going to be rich!

I had no doubts that my desire WILL come true, and I started working towards my sincere objective. A friend who noticed my work towards that objective asked me: “Why are you so obsessed with money? It’s notrepparttar 139258 most important thing in our lives” etc. etc. etc.

WOW... my mind paused for a moment and started thinking. If you getrepparttar 139259 same kind of moral disturbing objections, look at what my mind came up with that will help you stand still in front of those objections...

In most societies, we are raised to believe inrepparttar 139260 myth that “it’s spiritual to be poor”. Or we use such phrases as “filthy rich”, or “Money isrepparttar 139261 root of all evil”. Our TV and movies presentrepparttar 139262 big businesses asrepparttar 139263 “bad guys”, and programs our minds to believe that being rich is “bad”.

So when I was asked that disturbing question: “Why are you obsessed with money?” I asked myself: “What am I really obsessed about? What are we all obsessed about?” So I remembered...

I remembered I was working for this Hi-Tech company, ten to twelve hours a day. Even thoughrepparttar 139264 pay was good, it has exhausted me mentally and physically. I remembered that my cause was to have real control over my own time, to spend it with my beloved ones, onrepparttar 139265 things that really matters, instead of working hard all of my life. And...

I remembered that I love sports cars (just to mention it my eyes are glowing right now!) and I wanted to have that car that I adore (Oh yes, it’srepparttar 139266 911 Porsche!). I remembered that I wanted to travelrepparttar 139267 world, and simply have fun...

I understood that my goal was NOT to get stuck inrepparttar 139268 rat race, working hard all of my life, and livingrepparttar 139269 illusion of having what some people call a "normal" life. I know some might say: “Well, that’s how life is”. No, I resent that, you liverepparttar 139270 life that YOU desire to have, I know it’s easier just to “followrepparttar 139271 crowd”, but eventually, it is YOUR life, and you should reach an internal peace, rather than wondering howrepparttar 139272 outside world will look at you.

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