How to Humanize the Sales Experience

Written by Amy Fox

Q. Sometimes when I’m presenting to clients, I sense thatrepparttar customer tunes out. Is there a better way to communicate with a customer or engage them? A. Salespeople get caught up inrepparttar 133531 hype of their own product and lose touch with their client’s reality sometimes. You may be an expert in your field, but you have to assumerepparttar 133532 client is not. Most clients do not speak tech-ese, so you have to couchrepparttar 133533 conversation in language that is familiar.

Q. In high tech sales situations, what are some ways of obtaining better results on sales calls? A. Start by shiftingrepparttar 133534 focus from you to your client. Instead of presenting information to a client on your first sales call, try askingrepparttar 133535 client what expectations they have forrepparttar 133536 meeting. You can build a list of desired results from their answer. Try using questions that putrepparttar 133537 client inrepparttar 133538 driver’s seat. For example, “What would you like to learn more about?” or “How can I help resolve these issues?”

Q. Are clients actually put off by technical language? A. It depends, because there are instances when it is appropriate. If you’re speaking to a technical person who expects you to inform them about these aspects, go ahead. In many cases,repparttar 133539 decision maker is not technical, so speaking in termsrepparttar 133540 client does not understand wastes their time. Even worse, they feel uncomfortable. Do you know anyone who would buy under these circumstances? There is no easier way to lose a sale then alienating a client.

Q. What’srepparttar 133541 best way to speak about a technical product to a non-technical person? A. Refrain from using acronyms and technical jargon. Some common words that are not generally understood are IPSEC, T-1s, WIFI, Routers. Concentrate onrepparttar 133542 problem they need to fix orrepparttar 133543 result they want to achieve. Ifrepparttar 133544 client needs a technical description, they’ll ask for it. Otherwise, avoid using these words.

Investment Portfolio of Chromabarography - strategy, market, objective, risk, potential, opportunities, plan!

Written by Aram Hayrapetyan

People who think. People who do. People who get it.

"Wat we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly". Paine

"Friendship based on business is better than a business based on friendship". Rockefeller

Do you want to know how you can save time and get higher profits, make your product competitive and ensure its sale on world market? Well ! But first I invite you to analyze togetherrepparttar situation aroundrepparttar 133530 conditions ofrepparttar 133531 problem. The XX century,repparttar 133532 latest period ofrepparttar 133533 history of analytical chemistry, was specially rich in innovations. A great significance hadrepparttar 133534 invention of chromatography (M. S. Tswett, 1903) andrepparttar 133535 subsequent development of its varieties.

The analyses of a great number of substances are based onrepparttar 133536 use of chromatographic principles of separation. On this same principle are basedrepparttar 133537 separation of isotopes and thereforerepparttar 133538 creation of atomic weapon and atomic power stations.

Six Nobel prizes were won by Carrer in 1932, Kuhn in 1938, Ruzicka in 1939, Martin and Synge in 1952, Sanger in 1958 and 1980 - authors, whose achievements depended to a significant degree onrepparttar 133539 use of chromatographic analysis.

Inrepparttar 133540 development of chromatography, a process that goes on up to-day, a definite tendency is traced. Afterrepparttar 133541 substantial theoretical and technological "gush" it follows to providerepparttar 133542 equipment with additional parts allowingrepparttar 133543 enlargement ofrepparttar 133544 analytical possibilities ofrepparttar 133545 chromatograph. On this background it is considered in - timerepparttar 133546 development of Chromabarography - a new basic technology of chromatography.

What does it present itself, what does it give torepparttar 133547 user and producer ofrepparttar 133548 equipment? After all,repparttar 133549 heart of chromatography isrepparttar 133550 chromatographic column. The theory of gas chromatography, presented byrepparttar 133551 equation of Van Deemter H = A + B/u + Cu shows that for each chromatographic separation there exists an optimal flow rate above and below whichrepparttar 133552 column efficiency is reduced.

In practice,repparttar 133553 linear speed ofrepparttar 133554 sample zone moved byrepparttar 133555 carrier gas, is changed continuously and increases as it approachesrepparttar 133556 outlet, which results in a non-effective use of a part ofrepparttar 133557 column.

Yetrepparttar 133558 linear speed may be kept constant by programmingrepparttar 133559 movement ofrepparttar 133560 pressure gradient alongrepparttar 133561 column, realizingrepparttar 133562 function pressure - location - time and keeping ∆ p constant atrepparttar 133563 ends ofrepparttar 133564 chromatographic column duringrepparttar 133565 whole process of analysis.

Forrepparttar 133566 first time inrepparttar 133567 world this basic technology was worked out and proposed by me, based onrepparttar 133568 investigation ofrepparttar 133569 factors of diffusion and kinetics, and includesrepparttar 133570 meaning "bar-gradient chromatography" or Chromabarography. For its realization an equipment was invented and defended by a Russia patent. As a result a maximum possible efficiency (Hayrapetyan's Effect) of column is obtained at a minimum length, which atrepparttar 133571 same time is optimal as well, as in difference torepparttar 133572 ordinary column further increase in column length increasesrepparttar 133573 analyses time. However these are notrepparttar 133574 only advantages of Chromabarography. Onrepparttar 133575 contrary, new interesting possibilities of its modifications are opened which foresee: of combined application ofrepparttar 133576 moving gradients of pressure and temperature (Chromabarothermography)

or ofrepparttar 133577 moving of pressure gradient alongrepparttar 133578 column simultaneously with temperature programming affected equally on allrepparttar 133579 separation column (Chromabarograph with temperature programming). Amongst other advantages of scientific value may be mentioned: The possibility of bar-focusing on each component to solve complex analytical problems on a singular gas chromatographic column, in difference to two or multistage columns.

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