How to Hold Effective Staff Meetings

Written by Steve Kaye

Many people believe that they conduct effective meetings, when all they really do is host a party. Or worse, they deliver a monologue. In either case, their meetings produce little.

Here’s how to hold an effective staff meeting.

1) In general. Keep them short. Most staff meetings should last less than an hour. You want your staff to spend their time working on things that earn money for your business, not sitting in meetings. Keep them positive. Negative meetings contain insults, ridicule, and attacks. These activities create caution and resentment, which always costs your company money. Keep them interactive. Your staff consists of intelligent people. Put them to work in your meetings to advancerepparttar effectiveness of your organization.

2) Share news. Giverepparttar 136689 members of your group one minute to report on progress made in their area of responsibility. You’ll find that this results in bullet point reports of essential information. It also prevents people from philosophizing, explaining, justifying, criticizing, and engaging in other unproductive activities. Plan a time budget: 8 to 10 minutes.

3) Teach something. Invite a guest expert to give a 10 minute presentation on some skill or technology that benefits your group. Tellrepparttar 136690 expert that you want a logical explanation of practical ideas. You can also ask members of your group to take turns delivering brief tutorials on topics that benefitrepparttar 136691 others. Plan a time budget: 10 to 15 minutes.

Quick Tip - Effective Meetings Earn a Profit

Written by Steve Kaye

Most people treat meetings as a free resource that can be used to deal with any issue. As a result, huge amounts of time and money are wasted on trivia.

A meeting is a business activity (not a social event) and should be designed to earn a profit. Here’s how.

Once you’ve preparedrepparttar goals for your meetings, userepparttar 136688 following analysis to planrepparttar 136689 agenda.

1) Calculaterepparttar 136690 cost ofrepparttar 136691 meeting by multiplyingrepparttar 136692 number of participants (N), their labor rate (R), andrepparttar 136693 length ofrepparttar 136694 meeting (t). Then add all other expenses (E), including travel, materials, refreshments, room rental, and other expenses.

Cost = N * R * t + E

2) Estimaterepparttar 136695 value ofrepparttar 136696 results expected fromrepparttar 136697 meeting.

For some issues this step will be easy. Resolving a manufacturing inefficiency, for example, could save thousands of dollars. Or developing an effective strategic plan could earn millions.

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