How to Hide Affiliate Links

Written by Akinori Furukoshi

Hiding Affiliate Links

As Web surfers become more knowledgeable of how affiliate programs work, more people will omit your affiliate ID or use someone else's ID when ordering. Either way, you lose commissions you're supposed to get.

--Protect Commissions--

Using full window frame page is probablyrepparttar most effective (though not perfect) way to prevent such loss. In fact, all of affiliate link cloaking software I know (includingrepparttar 102442 famous Affiliate Link Cloaker, uses this method. The address bar won't display your affiliate URL unlessrepparttar 102443 affiliate site has a frame breaker. If visitors book mark, they will come back to your frame page. This means they use your affiliate ID every time. Also, keep in mind that "right click" -> "view source" displaysrepparttar 102444 affiliate site's source, notrepparttar 102445 source of your page that contains your ID.

--Do It Yourself--

If you like this type of protection, you can do it without buying software. First, downloadrepparttar 102446 file "" from It contains two files, "example.html" and "test.html." Open "example.html" with Windows Notepad. Inrepparttar 102447 5th line (without counting blank lines), you will find "affiliate_URL." Replace it with your actual affiliate URL. (Don't delete quotation marks.) Then, saverepparttar 102448 file withrepparttar 102449 name you like.

Basically, that is all you need to do, but Affiliate Link Cloaker has a few extra tricks. Let's seerepparttar 102450 source of their example page. Go to Fromrepparttar 102451 browser's tool bar, select "view" -> "source." (Don't right click.) You will see only a comment, and you might thinkrepparttar 102452 code is protected. But it's not. There are 45 carriage returns afterrepparttar 102453 comment. You need to scroll down to seerepparttar 102454 codes. If you like this feature, replace "Howdy" inrepparttar 102455 first line of example.html with whatever you want to say, and put a lot of carriage returns after.

High impact on your business, Low impact on your wallet.

Written by Gareth Longbottom

How much does it cost to start an online business?

If anyone asked me that question right now they would probably fall about laughing at my answer. You see, I know for a fact that you can get your own online business up and running for under $100.

Now you may think I've gone insane, butrepparttar proof is right in front of your face........this article.

I've done it, you are looking atrepparttar 102441 proof.

No, I'm not any sort of guru with a million dollars inrepparttar 102442 bank, but I am an online business owner who started for under $100.

Providing you already have an Internet ready PC so can you.

The bad news. ____________

You have to realize one thing, if you are not prepared to put in a whole lot of work, then don't go down this route with your online venture.

Getting your business up and running is justrepparttar 102443 start and if your not willing to put a little cash into your new venture, then it's going to be a long road ahead.

Yes it can be done, and when you start to see a profit from a business started in this way,repparttar 102444 feeling of acheivement is multiplied many times.

All too often I see web sites offering *guaranteed* success, yet they don't offer you their ongoing support or any training whatsoever. How can they guarantee your success if they don't even know you or aren't prepared to invest some time into helping you get started? There are no guarantee's of success in any form of business, online or off.

That said,repparttar 102445 chance of success is far greater if you have a *proven* path to follow and also someone to guide you onto that path.

Now forrepparttar 102446 good news! ___________________

You can have a web site, affiliate programs, pre-written e-mail campaigns, newsletter and ongoing help to put it all together for under $100.

If you makerepparttar 102447 right choices and followrepparttar 102448 right advice, you can get resources and products that people who have been online for years still aren't using to their full potential.

Plus you can get them at little or no cost.

Unfortunately,repparttar 102449 one thing that you won't get with allrepparttar 102450 above isrepparttar 102451 vital piece ofrepparttar 102452 Internet marketing puzzle..............customers.

It doesn't matter if you've gotrepparttar 102453 best sales copy in history on your site. If nobody ever sees it, you will never make any money.

Thats whererepparttar 102454 work comes in.

Getting customers and visitors to your web site isrepparttar 102455 all important "X-factor" in runnng a successful online business, and one ofrepparttar 102456 best ways for getting customers to your web site or subscribers for your ezine is FREE.

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