How to Have Your Computer Cake and Keep Your Family, Too!

Written by Mary Wilkey

Your family comes first—or does it?

Since you've been spending so much time with your new home computer, is your family showing signs of jealousy? Do they compete with this inhuman time hog for your time? Or, at least, do they FEEL they have to?

And what can you do about it? After all, you're just trying to make everything better .. . I mean, look at it this way, if you can just find a way to generate an automatic income fromrepparttar 'net, SOMEDAY you'll be able to quit your outside job and be home with them allrepparttar 117847 time, right?

So they should be understanding and go withrepparttar 117848 flow ... these things take time, you know ...

You know it, and I know it, but do THEY know it? And what's more, do they really understand that, after all,repparttar 117849 computer is just a means of communicating with other people and a tool to make money with—for all of you? And do they really believe that "one day" you will be free to spend more time with them than they really want anyway?

Things were a little tense at our house—and, lucky me, I have only a husband to consider (our ten children are grown)—until I finally worked out a happy and very workable solution to it all.

My husband is semi-retired, so he is aroundrepparttar 117850 house quite a lot—even more than I am. So when I am home, he enjoys having my full attention .. . don't get me wrong here ... I enjoy his just as much. It's just that, for now,repparttar 117851 computer/internet has to be allotted large chunks of my time, if I'm ever going to achieve my goal of financial independence via same—for both of us.

And we all know that, if you have children at home, they usually demand (and deserve) an even larger chunk of your time than your mate does.

However, whateverrepparttar 117852 size of your family . . . matters not. What DOES matter is that YOU arerepparttar 117853 only person in your family who hasrepparttar 117854 power to work out this dilemma and get things under control .. . before you emerge from your home office one day and find no one is left to care if you stay in there all day or not!

Here'srepparttar 117855 plan:* Get yourself a kitchen timer and set it for one hour.

* Work at your computer for that hour.

* Whenrepparttar 117856 timer goes off, allow yourself one minute to finish up whatever you are doing.

* Then GET UP and GET AWAY fromrepparttar 117857 computer.

* Spendrepparttar 117858 next fifteen minutes or so DOING SOMETHING with your family—one or all of them.

* WHAT you do isn't as important asrepparttar 117859 fact that you ARE doing something with THEM!

* Ifrepparttar 117860 kids are home, go outside and play catch with them.

Seven Steps to Better Online Community

Written by Brian Moore

If you are in an online business with your own web site, it would help greatly to build an online community with your visitors. The pathway to a good online community is to build trust in your visitors, your future customers. Here's a simple formula to get you started.

Sweeprepparttar "front walk" each day as you begin work. On your site check for "broken links" (links that don't go where you intended for them to go) and fix them. Test your opening page's load time. Remove or reduce any images that seem to slow it down. (Reducing images is a matter of having a service analyze your site for images it can cut down in number of bites. A good source for this is Spinwave Image Crunchers,

Ensure your visitors' return. Spot-check your copy for errors that may have escaped you previously. Freshen your copy regularly and somewhere on your page promise weekly updates. Insert a "this site last updated [date]" statement and keep it current.

Provide interactivity to your visitors-ways for them to communicate with you. The two easiest methods are a simple "comments" email link and an online survey. There are several sites that write interactive forms for just a link back to their site. The one I use on my site is,

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