How to Harness the Real Power of the P.S.

Written by Vincent Czaplyski

Should your sales letter contain a P.S.?

If you aren’t using one, you’re probably leaving money onrepparttar table. Sorepparttar 108138 short answer is “yes.” A well written P.S. (for “post script,” literally meaning “after writing”) following your signature is your last chance to influence your prospect favorably and closerepparttar 108139 sale. If it isn’t as strong as possible, these prospects may toss your letter aside or click to another website.

No marketer wants that to happen of course. So to avoid this unfortunate outcome, I recommend you put some serious thought behind your P.S. And one ofrepparttar 108140 first things you need to think about is changing your understanding of howrepparttar 108141 P.S works.

Right now, you need to stop thinking ofrepparttar 108142 P.S. asrepparttar 108143 last part ofrepparttar 108144 letter that anyone sees. Instead, think of it as one ofrepparttar 108145 first parts to be read. Then, imagine its effect on your prospect in that light.

What do I mean?

Oddly enough,repparttar 108146 opening headline and closing P.S. of your letter are often lumped together by your prospects. These widely separated parts of your letter are really Siamese twins of sorts, joined atrepparttar 108147 hip. Studies of reading behavior have shown that many readers scanrepparttar 108148 opening headline first, then jump right torepparttar 108149 P.S. to try and quickly figure out whatrepparttar 108150 letter is really all about.

Don’t you find yourself doing that sometimes?

This fact should raise an alarm somewhere inrepparttar 108151 back of your mind. If your prospect is skippingrepparttar 108152 “meat” of your letter and making a snap judgment based onrepparttar 108153 P.S., that means your carefully constructed appeal has just been short circuited, right?

Not necessarily. The best sales letters make an emotional connection withrepparttar 108154 intended prospects before any “selling” is done. That’s because people will generally buy something for emotional reasons, then justify their buying decision with logic. If your P.S. can ignite some emotion or sense of passion in your prospect, it can help bring your prospect back intorepparttar 108155 rest ofrepparttar 108156 letter.

If it appeals only to logic, it may not be enough to get your prospect to go back torepparttar 108157 beginning ofrepparttar 108158 letter and ultimately, torepparttar 108159 decision to buy.

A well written, emotionally appealing P.S. can be called upon to do one or more ofrepparttar 108160 following, although this list isn’t exhaustive:

1. Restaterepparttar 108161 primary benefit of your product or service 2. Introduce a completely new surprise benefit 3. Describe one or more special bonuses that you are including with your offer 4. Enhancerepparttar 108162 credibility of your offer in some way, perhaps by including an additional testimonial or endorsement 5. Provide a powerful sense of urgency that prompts your prospect to take immediate action 6. Reassure your prospect with your money back guarantee

Give Me $1 And I'll Have A Powerful Marketing Weapon

Written by Al Martinovic

One of my most powerful marketing weapons actually costs me less than $1. I buy it once and it lasts me a lifetime. I use it over and over again and it never leaves my side.

What on earth could it be? Well, it's my trusty notebook! It is where I store all of my ideas.

Let me give you some examples. If I come across an email, even if it's sp*am, andrepparttar headline made me open up that email then by golly I will write that headline down in my notebook for future reference.

Ifrepparttar 108137 headline made me openrepparttar 108138 email then you can be sure others will open it as well. So in my trusty notebook I record allrepparttar 108139 email headlines that have captured my attention.

This wayrepparttar 108140 next time I am writing an email to my list or prospects etc. or if I am stuck for a headline, all I have to do is refer to my notebook which has plenty of headlines to choose from.

But don't stop there! If you visit a website or read a newspaper etc. and come across a great headline... write it down! Keep doing this and eventually you'll have pages of headlines to choose from and to test in your marketing campaign.

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