How to Handle Workplace Conflict

Written by Philip Lye

Workplace Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of business life and not all conflict is negative. Most people would agree that where there are people there is conflict.

Some workplace conflict is healthy and if viewed positively can be an opportunity and catharsis for you and your business to effect positive change! It’s all how you think about it.

However where unhealthy conflict raises its head repeatedly this has potential risk to cause your business negative consequences. These negative consequences can have far reaching effects and added costs to your bottom line if not nipped inrepparttar bud quickly.

Common causes of workplace conflict may include

• Poor communications

• Mushroom effect – no one knows what’s happening around here

• Unrealistic work expectations

• Overwork

• Stress

• Personality clashes (a lack of ability to get on or want to get one with people different from you)

• Favouritism

• Poor leadership

Communication isrepparttar 150592 glue that holds relationships together in your business. Your employees want to feel valued and know that you are interested in them. Poor communication isrepparttar 150593 number one topic raised by employees in questionnaires conducted inrepparttar 150594 workplace.

Negative stress hasrepparttar 150595 power to cripple your business! Sometimes as a business owner you may allow referred stress (our personal stress) to be transferred unwittingly on your employees. This is likely to lead to your business experiencingrepparttar 150596 negative consequences of friction, decreased morale and potentially employees may undermine your business.

Do You Microbifer in Your Cleaning Business?

Written by Gail Metcalf

Microfiber cleaning towels have been around for about ten years now. When I first heard about them they were being sold through distributors in an MLM business. Since my business was professional house cleaning, I couldn't see how they could benefit me due torepparttar high cost.

But I've been wondering more and more, could these really benefitrepparttar 150591 professional cleaners? So I've been doing some research and what I found should certainly be shared.

What is Microfiber? It is an ultrafine synthetic fiber that is very strong and lint free. Each fiber is split during manufacturing, providing specific benefits. The density of repparttar 150592 fibers makerepparttar 150593 product very absorbent withrepparttar 150594 ability to hold up to six times its weight in water, andrepparttar 150595 microbifers have a positive charge that attracts dirt and dust, which has a negative charge. Not only dorepparttar 150596 micrifibers attract dust and dirt, they hold it tightly so that it is not redistributed while cleaning.

Does Microfiber Really Work? Absolutely! Not only arerepparttar 150597 microfiber towels available, but now you can purchase microfiber mops to replace both your dry and wet mops.

I purchased a mop that came with three removable mop head pads. These pads are attached torepparttar 150598 mop with velcro. The mop has a swivel base that allows it to get under and around furniture. I have wood and vinyl flooring in my house and foundrepparttar 150599 microfiber mop to work very well and it was easy to use.

While dry mopping, I was able to pickup not only dust but small debris fromrepparttar 150600 floor and it was not moved around; it actually was held inrepparttar 150601 fibers. Due torepparttar 150602 swivel mop head, I was able to get into corners and along baseboards.

I prefer cotton string mops for cleaning floors, but I found an immediate benefit torepparttar 150603 microfiber. No bending overrepparttar 150604 water bucket, no wringing outrepparttar 150605 mop head and no fibers getting caught around table legs or split wood edges on cabinets. And I could still userepparttar 150606 figure eight back and forth motion that I use with string mops. In fact, I found that I could mop standing up straighter becauserepparttar 150607 mop is lightweight and maneuverable. Great benefit here to eliminate back pain, shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger injuries.

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