How to Handle Stress by Managing your Levels?

Written by Craig Lock

Stress is a natural and unavoidable feature of modern life. Whenrepparttar pressures of life become too much and we can't cope, stress operates like a screw gradually turning tighter and tighter. Often we don't realise that we are under stress - untilrepparttar 101853 pressure becomes too much andrepparttar 101854 lid starts lifting... then we crack. Humans are vulnerable and live under an optimum level of stress every day - they often don't know how to cope, whenrepparttar 101855 pressure builds up too much...but what can we do about it to make our lives easier?


Listen to your own alarm system. There are abundant challenges, demands and opportunities in modern living; but these often cause frustration and exasperation. Your first step is to be aware that you are under stress. Make a list of all of allrepparttar 101856 major stress areas in your everyday life. (My what a big list!). Then armed with this knowledge, make an honest commitment to changes in your life. By identifying repparttar 101857 causes and being open to change, you can at least hope for improvement.


People suffering from severe stress should seek help from a doctor or therapist. Therapists helprepparttar 101858 patient to feel differently about things. In other words, they get them to have a different perspective. Persons suffering from stress might do small tasks to give them a feeling of accomplishment before returning torepparttar 101859 work-force. All these techniques can make people grow; just like plants don't grow, unless they are watered and cared for.


Look at your life and try to findrepparttar 101860 main cause(es) of your stress. What external event or situation is causingrepparttar 101861 problem? Or is it just your perception? Is it physical, emotional or professional? Self knowledge means self help; so that once you can identifyrepparttar 101862 cause of your distress, you can eliminate it. Remember that for you to be happy, all three areas of your life (ie. emotional, spiritual and intellectual) need to be satisfied. You need BALANCE in your life. The first step is ACCEPTANCE: admit that you are under stress and not coping with life, as well as you should. Once you accept this,repparttar 101863 next step is committing yourself to take ACTION to relieve repparttar 101864 problem. Making that decision to take action is probably repparttar 101865 hardest for you. It is best to use a combination of strategies to combat moderate stress (the result of daily wear and tear onrepparttar 101866 body).

Give Yourself Permission

Written by Dave Balch

It is September 14, 2001 and I am sitting here trying to think of something to share; frankly, I can't. I'm still in shock overrepparttar events ofrepparttar 101852 last few days so I'm going to offer this:

I have always maintained that TV isrepparttar 101853 archenemy ofrepparttar 101854 home-based business owner because it's so easy to get sucked-in and completely distracted. I've tried to work whilerepparttar 101855 TV is on, but I'm only at 50% capacity at best. I suppose that's better than sitting onrepparttar 101856 couch with a bowl of popcorn, but I prefer operating at a higher level than that.

The solution I have always recommended is to never turn on a TV inrepparttar 101857 first place. It's amazing how easy it is to avoid plot lines when you don't know what they are! That said, when there is a major news event I find myself in terrible conflict; should I keep my nose torepparttar 101858 grindstone or just 'give-in' torepparttar 101859 temptation to keep up with what's going on? I have found myself in this predicament during major events such asrepparttar 101860 Columbine shootings,repparttar 101861 Northridge earthquake,repparttar 101862 Gulf War, andrepparttar 101863 Challenger space shuttle disaster.

When something happens that is so devastating, so traumatic, so incomprehensible asrepparttar 101864 terrorist attacks onrepparttar 101865 World Trade Center andrepparttar 101866 Pentagon, I am not doing myself a favor by 'resisting'. I NEED to keep up withrepparttar 101867 details. I NEED to know what's happening. I NEED to feel involved in some fashion, even if only vicariously. So I gave myself permission, and just leftrepparttar 101868 TV on.I didn't even pretend that I was trying to get anything done; I just stayed glued torepparttar 101869 tube to stay informed. Occasionally I had to remind myself to breathe.

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