How to Grow Snow Peas

Written by Linda Jenkinson

Snow peas may have been named because in bright sunlight their light green pods look as if they might be tinged with frost. One ofrepparttar oldest vegetables,repparttar 142184 earliest recorded pea was grown in 9750 BC onrepparttar 142185 Thai-Burma border. Since snow peas are a favorite addition to Asian dishes, this pea might very well have been a snow pea ancestor.

Inrepparttar 142186 large family of legumes,repparttar 142187 snow pea (pisum sativum macrocarpon) is a flat-podded pea that bears both pods and seeds that are sweet and edible.

Snow peas arenít particular about soil quality, but they do need good drainage. Plant snow pea seeds about 2-inches apart and one to two inches deep. Snow peas grow best in full sun, but in an area where plants receive some shade fromrepparttar 142188 midday sun asrepparttar 142189 season progresses.

Peas are a cool weather crop. Although snow peas adapt better to higher temperatures than regular peas, for best results you should sow seeds as soon asrepparttar 142190 soil can be worked. For best germination, keep soil moist yet be careful not to over water, since saturated soil will cause your seed to rot. In fact,repparttar 142191 biggest problems you face in growing snow peas are root rot and powdery mildew, both of which begin in soil that is too wet. However, once seeds germinate, plants need to be watered regularly for optimum harvest.

Making Love to my Garden

Written by Jenny Harker

I have one of those handy-dandy small roto-tillers made especially for gardeners. It can do darn near anything, short of creating world peace.

I usedrepparttar roto-tiller one time. Its performance was impressive! But now it's gathering dust in my shed.

The roto-tiller, though a marvelous device, took away my satisfaction in tillingrepparttar 142087 soil.

I likerepparttar 142088 feel ofrepparttar 142089 shovel handle while I dig a new bed. Sweat trickles down my aching back while I stabrepparttar 142090 metal blade deep intorepparttar 142091 ground. I lift outrepparttar 142092 blade to reveal fertile earth ripe for planting seed.

I plunge my arms intorepparttar 142093 warm dirt to mixrepparttar 142094 soil and compost by hand. The sun is hot onrepparttar 142095 back of my head. I can feel my too-fair skin burning underrepparttar 142096 rays. But I keep mixing and lifting and sweating.

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