How to Grow Bananas

Written by Linda Paquette

How to Grow Bananas

If your grocer says, “Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today,” it isn’t surprising sincerepparttar banana isrepparttar 146692 world’s second favorite fruit, surpassed in popularity only byrepparttar 146693 apple. Once only grown in tropical climates,repparttar 146694 good news is that several varieties can be grown in northern areas as well as inrepparttar 146695 south.

Because it takes nine months or more to reach maturity, some northern gardeners growrepparttar 146696 banana plant only for its spectacular ornamental foliage. However, inrepparttar 146697 hobby greenhouse, even northern growers can achieve a fruit harvest and reaprepparttar 146698 added benefit of seeingrepparttar 146699 amazing way in which fruit is produced.

Probably because of its height,repparttar 146700 banana plant is often incorrectly called a banana tree. Actually, though,repparttar 146701 banana isrepparttar 146702 largest herbaceous perennial and belongs torepparttar 146703 monocotyledons ofrepparttar 146704 Musaceae family, which also includes palms, grasses, and orchids.

Bananas grow from rhizomes, which are stems that take root and send shoots (suckers) up throughrepparttar 146705 soil. Banana plants may also be propagated through suckers (also called pups or ratoons) that grow fromrepparttar 146706 main stem ofrepparttar 146707 banana plant. If you have difficulty in finding banana rhizomes at your local nursery, you can find them in most garden catalogs as well as Internet garden outlets. Site and soil

The banana plant grows best in full sun in soil that provides excellent drainage. Good drainage is crucial since saturated roots may die in less than an hour. It is also important to shelterrepparttar 146708 banana plant from heavy winds that can tatterrepparttar 146709 banana plant foliage.

The banana plant is a very heavy feeder. Soil should be nutrient rich, slightly acidic, and loamy enough to retain moisture and keep nutrients from leaching belowrepparttar 146710 shallow roots ofrepparttar 146711 plant. Amendments of good organic compost and green sand or kelp meal will help maintainrepparttar 146712 banana plant’s high mineral requirements.

Planting Banana Rhizomes

Dig a hole about a foot wide and ten to twelve inches deep. Setrepparttar 146713 rhizome inrepparttar 146714 hole so thatrepparttar 146715 union between it andrepparttar 146716 sucker stem are about six inches deep. If your site isn’t level,repparttar 146717 eye of your banana rhizome should be onrepparttar 146718 uphill side of your hole. Fillrepparttar 146719 hole with soil and tamp down firmly to remove any air pockets. If planting more than one rhizome, plants need to be spaced at least ten feet apart so that each getsrepparttar 146720 benefit of full sun. Water your planting sparingly to keeprepparttar 146721 rhizome healthy untilrepparttar 146722 plant is established.

Garden Delights For Midsummer

Written by Marie K Fisher

We have once again reachedrepparttar wonderful magical time of midsummer, whenrepparttar 146496 garden is aglow with sensational blooms and a fantastic array of colors. Many of these wonderful blooms fillrepparttar 146497 air with their tantalising perfume.

I often pause for a while especially at twilight whenrepparttar 146498 scent fromrepparttar 146499 blooms are at their stongest, and feel extremely proud ofrepparttar 146500 effort that I have put into my garden.

This is when I really appreciate how worthwhile it has all been.

No doubt your garden is looking really special as well, but if by any chance you feel there are any gaps, or plants that you think could be doing better, might I suggest that you take some inspiration from some of these wonderful blooms which I find truly magnificent.

In my opinion these are some ofrepparttar 146501 blooms that will enhance any garden and delightrepparttar 146502 senses with their combined scents.

Rose eglanteria - This sweet briar rose is valued forrepparttar 146503 strong apple aroma which comes fromrepparttar 146504 leaves, but there is also much more than a pink flower in summer, it is followed by a deep red inrepparttar 146505 autumn. I think that it is an extremely handsome bush, and it also makes an impenetrable hedge.

Agastache faoeniculum (anise hyssop) - This is a stately herbaceous perennial, whose silver green leaves release a liquorice aniseed fragrance. The rich violet blue color flowers are particularly loved by bees, butterflies and goldfinches among others. I findrepparttar 146506 rich beautiful color delightful when it bursts into my garden inrepparttar 146507 late summer, and lasts right through to autumn. Cytisus battandeiri (Moroccan Broom) - When planted aroundrepparttar 146508 walls ofrepparttar 146509 house or aroundrepparttar 146510 patio,repparttar 146511 crushed pineapple aroma which comes fromrepparttar 146512 cones ofrepparttar 146513 yellow blossom will pervaderepparttar 146514 air. It truly excitesrepparttar 146515 senses onrepparttar 146516 warm still days of June and July, with its wonderful aroma wafting intorepparttar 146517 house or patio area. It should be encouraged to flower freely so that you getrepparttar 146518 most from this absolutely wonderful flower.

Magnolia grandiflora - The large chalices are a joy in late summer with a wonderful lemon zest aroma. It should be helped to bloom when young by espalier-trainingrepparttar 146519 shoots against a warm sunny wall. Train them horizontally, and shorten new shoots to five leaves in August.

Dianthus (Brymton Red) - These lovely old fashioned dianthus have a lingering clove fragrance andrepparttar 146520 "Brymton red" is a true peacock among them. They yield a brilliant display of single deep red flowers laced with darker markings, and are just scintilating in June. Be sure to deadhead flowers weekly to channel your plants energy into producing more shoots and blooms.

Eucryphia nymansay - This elegant evergreen is famous for its summer and autumn display of large honey scented white flowers. The flower is coveted by nectar seeking bees. It needs a warm and sunny location. I absolutely adore these.

Ferdinand Pitchard - This is an old fashioned rose withrepparttar 146521 beckoning smell of fresh picked raspberries. The globular pink blooms striped with crimson and purple will be your reward for planting this fatastic rose. It thrives on humis rich soil in full sunlight, and it will bring color to repparttar 146522 summer season most beautifully.

Other Flowers To Bring A Fesival Of Color And Delight.

Gladiolus communis - Until recently people looked down their noses at gladiolus but they do make really good border flowers. They are excellent at crammingrepparttar 146523 other colors, and they barely take any space at ground level.

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