How to Grow Asparagus

Written by Hans Dekker

Asparagus is a perennial plant with erect, edible stems and tiny branches that bear even tinier flowers that become red berries that containrepparttar black Asparagus seed. Formerly inrepparttar 113411 Liliaceae family, botanists have realized that Asparagus is in a class by itself and have repositioned its 120 species inrepparttar 113412 Asparagaceae genus. Asparagus is a high-end gourmet food item, but if you know how to grow asparagus, it becomes an inexpensive way to add a delicate flavor to your meals.

Knowing how to grow asparagus dates back 2500 years ago when it was first cultivated in Greece. In fact, asparagus is fromrepparttar 113413 Greek word for stalk or shoot. Long before it was used as a food item, asparagus was lauded for its medicinal properties. There are many reasons to grow asparagus. Once an asparagus bed is established, asparagus isrepparttar 113414 first vegetable that is table ready inrepparttar 113415 springtime and will provide your family with a firm and fresh vegetable treat for up to 20 years, each crown in your bed producing up to Ĺ pound of spears per year. Although supermarkets stock both canned and frozen asparagus, neither compares torepparttar 113416 unique flavor you get from freshly harvested and picked asparagus.

As asparagus plants grow, they produce a mat of long, tubular roots that spreads horizontally rather than vertically. This one-year-old root system is calledrepparttar 113417 asparagus crown. Although asparagus can be started from seed, itís most often begun from transplanting crowns purchased from a reputable crown grower. Those who wish to learn how to grow Asparagus must have an abundance of patience, since it takes an asparagus bed three years to be established from crowns. The second year of growth, asparagus ferns emerge with a few spindly spears. Atrepparttar 113418 third year, although your bed will produce thicker and more robust spears, they shouldnít be harvested for more than one month to allow roots and crowns to become further established.

Internet Marketing and Advertising for the Green Industry

Written by Adam White

How do you tap intorepparttar network of online advertising without wasting your money on advertising that can bring you little results? Advertising onrepparttar 113410 internet can be risky for landscaping companies because you may be paying for someone acrossrepparttar 113411 country orrepparttar 113412 world to see your ad or website. You need localized advertising. You ask yourself, well how can internet advertising be an effective way to advertise locally. Well letís think about this for a second. Who is your target audience? It is either businesses or someone willing to pay for lawn maintenance or landscaping. These arerepparttar 113413 people who userepparttar 113414 latest technologies in everything they do. These arerepparttar 113415 people who go torepparttar 113416 internet to find things they are looking for. They do this because they know that they will findrepparttar 113417 most information about what they are looking for. You want proof? How did you find this article? You looked it up onrepparttar 113418 internet. This isrepparttar 113419 way people find what they are looking for now. So they go torepparttar 113420 internet to search for landscaping companies in their state or even their own town. Now you might be asking yourself, well Iím a lawn care company, not a landscaping company. Most people donít knowrepparttar 113421 difference. They believe that a lawn care company isrepparttar 113422 same thing as a landscaping company. So they search for landscaping companies in their state and whatever website shows up atrepparttar 113423 top of Yahoo, MSN, or whatever search engine they use, thatísrepparttar 113424 one that they are going to visit to find a landscaping company. What aboutrepparttar 113425 yellow pages? I can't tell you how many owners of landscaping companies have told me that they spend hundreds of dollars each year to be listed inrepparttar 113426 yellow pages and don't get any calls from their listing. I ask why they continue to spendrepparttar 113427 money there and it is simply because allrepparttar 113428 other companies are listed. If you want to throw away money just because every other company does, throw it my way. I can guarantee you will get no calls if you give me your money and then you won't have to worry about it.

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