How to "GoTo" the Top of the Major Search Engines

Written by Merle

When it comes to pay per click search engines, isrepparttar clear leader. Overrepparttar 128199 years, GoTo has established relationships with many ofrepparttar 128200 top search engines and directories, including Dogpile, Netscape, Hotbot, MSN, Compuserve, NBCI, American Online, Lycos, AltaVista and CNET.

So what does all of this mean to you and how do you use these relationships to your benefit? If you bid on keywords/phrases with GoTo and are listed in one ofrepparttar 128201 top three positions, your site will also show up onrepparttar 128202 above engines when someone performs a search for one of your keyphrases. For example: Suppose you've snatched up "London vacations" as a keyphrase in one of GoTo's top three positions. If an AltaVista user typesrepparttar 128203 phrase "London vacations" inrepparttar 128204 search box,repparttar 128205 results page will have your site listed atrepparttar 128206 very top. You'll have similar results atrepparttar 128207 other search engines that are powered with GoTo listings. A nice way to get a top listing, don't you think?

According to GoTo,repparttar 128208 top three bids -- which they call "Premium Listings" --get more than twicerepparttar 128209 number of searches as a regular listing. Let's take a look at just where your site will appear onrepparttar 128210 various search engines /directories when you secure a premium listing.

AltaVista: To show up on AltaVista's search results page you need to be inrepparttar 128211 top six bid positions at GoTo. These bids will appearing as "partner listings" on AltaVista's search results page, withrepparttar 128212 top three bids showing up atrepparttar 128213 top ofrepparttar 128214 listings and an additional three appearing atrepparttar 128215 very bottom ofrepparttar 128216 search results page.

America Online: American Online boasts over 2.3 million members. To show up here you'll need to have one ofrepparttar 128217 top three bid positions at GoTo. The links are labeled as "Sponsored Links" atrepparttar 128218 top of their results page before other search options are listed.

Lycos: The top three listings from GoTo appear underrepparttar 128219 heading "Featured Listings," before Lycos' own search results. There is also a link labeled "More Featured Listings" that leads you to a full page of GoTo results in bid order. Two more GoTo listings show up inrepparttar 128220 first ten results under what Lycos refers to as "Web Sites" section.

Is Your Web Site Generating any Business?

Written by Bob Schwartz,CRS,GRI

Is your web site generatingrepparttar traffic and/or actual business you originally thought it would?

Many Realtors are realizing that just having a web site is not a panacea to generating sales. Through a very small informal survey, (that I personally conducted with fifty San Diego REALTORS) I've concluded thatrepparttar 128198 average Realtor's web site generates less than 50 unique hits per month. Unique hits are single page views from one URL within a 24hr. period. This is very important because many people confuse hits with unique hits. The problem is that simplistic tracking tools may only track hits. A hit, within this context, usually includesrepparttar 128199 individual visitors andrepparttar 128200 total number of graphics that load when that page is visited. So, one visit could show as six hits ifrepparttar 128201 page visited has five graphics!

Worse,repparttar 128202 vast majority of agents have not generated any actual sales from their sites in over a year.

However, just having a web presence, will in most cases not pay for your site hosting fees. I have outlined five tips that could improve your web traffic and client generating potential below.

#1. Name your site to be found. Select a URL that incorporates some of your keywords. Consumers search by key words, such asrepparttar 128203 city or neighborhood they want to live in. Which site do you think would generate more search engine hits: or (Interested in owning this Optimized Rancho Santa Fe URL? Now about one for La Jolla or Coronado? . . . send an email to )

Even if you have great name recognition in your local neighborhood, a relocation buyer considering Rancho Santa Fe will most definitely findrepparttar 128204 second site beforerepparttar 128205 first. Result: Incorporating key words into your URL will increase your chances of being found in a key word search. CLICK HERE to see what url can own thru Network Solutions,repparttar 128206 1st. & largest register of URL's!. #2. Be wary of placing 'Free' content links on your site. Many site enhancements such as links to weather, maps, newsletters, etc., take your hard won visitors off your site, and in many cases they never return. Worse yet, when viewing off site information, your potential clients have a high probability of being exposed to your competition's ad or banner. All ofrepparttar 128207 'Free' information links earn revenue from selling ads. The same is true of many banner exchanges. Do you really want to join a banner program where your competitor's banner is exposed on your site?

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