How to Give Yourself an Advantage in the Work-At-Home Job Market

Written by Angela Wu

If you've spent any time searching online for a home based job, you already know thatrepparttar 'net is filled with scams. When you do find a site that lists legitimate work-at-home jobs, you'll see that these jobs listings typically have several things in common:

= They're often hiring workers who already haverepparttar 117743 skills necessary to dorepparttar 117744 job.

= They're looking for experienced workers with proven track records.

= Most of them state that althoughrepparttar 117745 position is a telecommuting position,repparttar 117746 worker must live inrepparttar 117747 same area asrepparttar 117748 company itself.

= Many requirerepparttar 117749 worker to periodically work inrepparttar 117750 office, with telecommuting being an option.

'So what?', you ask... Thinking this over, you'll see that this makes sense. Ifrepparttar 117751 company is offering a telecommuting position, then naturally they would want someone who already haverepparttar 117752 skills -- training is much more difficult to do when you're at home!

Secondly...repparttar 117753 company wants experienced workers with proven track records. Again, this makes sense. With a telecommuting position it's not quite as easy to 'check up' on a worker than if he or she was physically on location. Plusrepparttar 117754 employer may not even want to check up onrepparttar 117755 worker; he's likely looking for someone reliable and able to work independently with minimal supervision.

And finally, many employers still prefer thatrepparttar 117756 worker lives inrepparttar 117757 same area asrepparttar 117758 company. This way if there's a reason whyrepparttar 117759 employer needsrepparttar 117760 worker to come intorepparttar 117761 office, it's no problem. Telecommuting is a benefit, not a right.

So what can you do to better your chances of getting a telecommuting position?


Many telecommuting positions are offered to current employees who have proven themselves torepparttar 117762 employer. Are you willing to start off inrepparttar 117763 office, and negotiate telecommuting days later? Would you be willing to check in withrepparttar 117764 office regularly? Can you handlerepparttar 117765 possibility of fewer or no health care benefits in exchange for working at home?

All Roads Lead To Rome

Written by John Colanzi

All Roads Lead to Rome by John Colanzi

Inrepparttar ancient world, long before telephones, computers and other modern methods of doing business, Rome was a hub of commerce.

The merchants ofrepparttar 117742 day had a saying, "All roads lead to Rome."

Luckily with our modern tools and equipment we no longer have such limitations.

The more things change,repparttar 117743 more they stayrepparttar 117744 same. The ancient Appian Way, has been replaced byrepparttar 117745 "Information Super Highway."

Just asrepparttar 117746 ancient merchants and traders had a hub of commerce, you should have a central hub for directing your traffic.

It took me a long time to figure that out and it's taken me even longer to implement that strategy.

If you're serious about your success, all roads onrepparttar 117747 "Information Super Highway," should lead to your list.

It's no secret thatrepparttar 117748 marketers makingrepparttar 117749 biggest profits, haverepparttar 117750 biggest targeted lists.

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