How to Get your PhD in The Business World Vs. Getting your PhD in the School Setting

Written by Glenn Dietzel

Copyright 2005 Glenn Dietzel

Letís layrepparttar foundation. There is a tremendous difference between those who acquire their PhD inrepparttar 147272 market place and those who earn their PhD inrepparttar 147273 educational system. If you are someone interested in becoming an expert and being rewarded financially for this, you must understand this difference once and for all!

How do you get a PhD inrepparttar 147274 educational setting? Well, that should seem fairly obvious. You go to university. You attend classes. You pass each class. You graduate torepparttar 147275 next year. You apply for graduate work. You attend more classes. You pass each class. You graduate with a Masterís degree. You apply for a PhD program. Andrepparttar 147276 cycle continues until you get your PhD.

Consider this process for a minute, and let me use a very personal example. My wife is an occupational therapist trained in Scotland. Today, and living in Canada (which isrepparttar 147277 same for most ofrepparttar 147278 world), if Fiona were to apply torepparttar 147279 same occupational therapy program that only required three years of post secondary school when Fiona graduated, this isrepparttar 147280 scenario: she would have to get her undergraduate degree first and then apply for a masterís degree. After completing her graduate degree she could then apply for occupational therapy. After six years of schooling, under todayís guidelines, and after being accepted, she would finally be eligible forrepparttar 147281 three years of training thatrepparttar 147282 profession demands.

I hope you see what is happening here. Much more education. Much more money spent. Longer time to get intorepparttar 147283 job market. And stillrepparttar 147284 same Ďstartingí salary.

Or another way of saying this. More bureaucracy. More hoops. Delayed dreams. And greater expense forrepparttar 147285 same pay!

Analyze what you were required to know forrepparttar 147286 job you currently hold. Take note of allrepparttar 147287 classes and subject material you had to accumulate. Now calculate a percentage of what you had to know versus what you actually use in your job! My guess you could have easily sliced away 50% if not more.

Realize once and for all thatrepparttar 147288 educational system, from its very structure to those who teach its courses, all stems from a job mindset. And, from a business perspective, one ofrepparttar 147289 fundamental mistakes inherent in this model is its inefficiency.

Inefficiency! Wasted school years when people could be inrepparttar 147290 market place earlier making money. Letís considerrepparttar 147291 converse. How do you get a PhD inrepparttar 147292 business world? Let me put it this wayÖhow can anyone get a PhD inrepparttar 147293 business world?

You get your PhD inrepparttar 147294 business world by making money! Thatís correct. The very lifeblood of business is to overcome inefficiency inrepparttar 147295 market place. The chief aim of business is to put value intorepparttar 147296 marketplace by helping people save time, energy and/or money or by providing any number of other benefits--depending onrepparttar 147297 wants and desires of its target market.

The Hidden (and Powerful) Benefits of Frequenting Forums

Written by Diane Hughes

Copyright 2005 Diane Hughes

While most people understandrepparttar benefits of forums from a "gathering information" perspective, many donít think aboutrepparttar 147271 hidden benefits of forums. The most common reason for visiting is to ask questions or get advice. That's a good enough reason to go, but there are other - more beneficial - reasons to become a forum frequenter.

Besides providing a wealth of quality information, forums can also be powerful promotional tools. There are three distinct ways forums can benefit you. And all it takes is a few minutes a day to help others in need.

Link Popularity

I think youíre probably familiar withrepparttar 147272 term "link popularity" by now. In case youíre not, it refers torepparttar 147273 number of incoming links pointing to your site from other sites. Forums can serve as excellent link popularity boosters.

Each time you post a question or response on a forum thatís spidered byrepparttar 147274 engines, you get one extra link back to your site. Every time your signature (along withrepparttar 147275 link in it) appears, it counts as an additional link. Since Google puts a lot of weight on link popularity, posting to forums can give your rankings quite a boost!

ACTION STEP ONE: Create a powerful signature line to use in your forum posts that includes benefits torepparttar 147276 reader and your URL.

Establishing Yourself as an Expert

In addition torepparttar 147277 extra help with your siteís search engine rankings, forums also give you an outlet to establish yourself as an expert.

Countless people flood to forums in search of free advice. Give it to them! If you haverepparttar 147278 answer to a forum visitorís problem ... tell him/herrepparttar 147279 answer. (Even if this is something you would normally charge a fee for.) By doing so, you showrepparttar 147280 others reading your post that you know your stuff.

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