How to Get the Best Deal on Your SEO Project

Written by Scott Jason

If you own or manage a business Website, chances are you are at least somewhat familiar withrepparttar concept of search engine optimization (SEO). You may have read any number of books and articles onrepparttar 127904 subject and possibly given it a try yourself. Or perhaps, after exhaustive research, you decided that your time is better spent in your area of expertise. If that’srepparttar 127905 case, I have some good news for you. There is such a thing as affordable search engine optimization. In fact, when you know what to look for, it can be a real bargain.

Step One – 3 Simple Questions:

The first step is estimating some target market information. Just ask a few simple questions and write downrepparttar 127906 answers that you come up with. You’ll need this information later:

1. How many people do you think are looking for what you offer? 2. What keywords are they using in search engine searches? 3. Which keywords arerepparttar 127907 most popular to meet your needs?

Step Two - Verify:

Now that you have your initial estimates, let’s validaterepparttar 127908 information. Visit’s Advertiser Center and try their Search Term Suggestion Tool located at:

Type in any term that you think is close to what your potential visitors are looking for. You will see how many searches were performed, onrepparttar 127909 Overture search system, forrepparttar 127910 previous month. TIP – Use a general search term to start with.

Now you haverepparttar 127911 single most important advantage when dealing with any trained business professional – you are informed!

Step Three – Make it Happen:

Avoid Search Engine Blacklisting

Written by Kevin Kantola

The best way to avoid being blacklisted byrepparttar search engines is to avoid using some questionable techniques that were once popular to gain high rankings. Even if your website is not blacklisted by using some ofrepparttar 127903 techniques below, it may be penalized (buried inrepparttar 127904 rankings) so your traffic will suffer allrepparttar 127905 same. When a search engine blacklists a website it will throw your listing off their site and block your site from coming aboard again. This can be done by blockingrepparttar 127906 domain name,repparttar 127907 IP address or both.

Here are a few techniques to avoid, so that your site will not be blacklisted:

Mirror Websites

Mirror websites are sites with identical content but different URL's. This was once a method used to gain high rankings inrepparttar 127908 search engines, but since search engines are smarter now, this will only get you penalized or blacklisted.

Doorway (gateway) Pages

Doorway pages are pages with little real content for your visitors that are optimized to rank highly withinrepparttar 127909 search engines. These pages are designed so that visitors will move deeper intorepparttar 127910 website whererepparttar 127911 real content lies. Navigation torepparttar 127912 doorway pages are usually hidden fromrepparttar 127913 visitors (but notrepparttar 127914 SE robots) onrepparttar 127915 homepage.

Invisible Text and Graphics

Using invisible text (textrepparttar 127916 same or a very similar color torepparttar 127917 background) was once used to spam a homepage and some inside pages with non-stop keywords and keyphrases. Also links to doorway pages and hidden site maps can be done with invisible text (or invisible graphics). Some designers will create a graphic link with a 1 pixel by 1 pixel raster image and link this to a hidden inner page such as a hidden site map.

Submitting Pages Too Often

Submittingrepparttar 127918 same pages torepparttar 127919 search engines within a 24 hour period can get you penalized and may delay your website from being listed inrepparttar 127920 rankings. Some search engines believe that pages submitted sooner than every 30 days is too much. The 30 day rule is a good rule to follow when submitting to multiple search engines.

Using Irrelevant Keywords

Using irrelevant keywords in a website's metatags and / or body copy in order to achieve high rankings will most certainly backfire. Search engines now want to see parity between these two areas and if your site is thought to be spamming with irrelevant keywords, you site will be penalized or blacklisted.

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